Issue nr. 172
Monday, September 20th 2021


Well, another week is past and this Edition is interesting because almost 100 focuses on our local areas with two small exceptions.

I do like to include interesting items sent from other areas but a view expressed by one reader was that I sometimes focus too much on areas outside the confines of Oxford and the Chilterns.

Do let me know your thought as the reason I added such items to the page was that during lockdown we all needed something to occupy our minds.

Do let me know your thought.

Follow up about Paddy who boarded the Oxford tube along the M40 at Stokenchurch

Brian Grigg

As a bus and coach enthusiast and active user of public transport I was pleased to see your report on the dog rescued from the M40. Having just sampled the new Redline X20 from Aylesbury (just me on board) I alighted at Thornhill P&R to catch the Tube back to London where I live. The scheduled 1823 departure from Thornhill left right on time with a good passenger load. I normally take a front seat upstairs or at least a seat near the front with good vision but this was not possible on this journey. Consequently I ended up sitting offside a long way back. Accordingly I did not know why we had stopped until I saw the dog in the fast lane of the London bound carriageway facing Oxford! I must say after a life time of bus and coach travel, this was something I had not come across before. The driver was excellent taking control of the situation, not only saving the dog but avoiding the potential for a nasty accident. I think he deserves an award both from a road safety perspective and for helping an animal in distress. 

When getting off in Victoria, I was amazed to find the dog was still with us. As you mention the downstairs passengers took care of the dog on the way. While not the best of pictures, I did snap the attached.

Paddy samples a Panorama and passenger hospitality!

The Oxfordshire Bus Enthusiasts Society

After a gap in meetings of any kind since February of last year we shall have a purely social meeting on Tuesday October 19th at The Tree Hotel, Church Way, Iffley, Oxford, OX4 4EY, from 7 p.m.

 There is a car park and bar meals should be available before and during the evening (it may be wise to give the hotel a call first about food on 01865 775974).

The hotel is about 5 minutes walk from the Henley Avenue stop of Oxford Bus city3 and 3A/Stagecoach 3 and 3A. All are welcome to come along.


I look forward to all your contributions without which the page would not survive.  

Well matters seem to be returning to something like normal now but the Government still has plan B up its sleeve if things revert. It is up to all of us to take care and follow the guidance to prevent a resurge of this dreadful virus. 

Fleet news and developments

Jack Cooper

...... visited High Wycombe on September 17th.

StreetLite 2318, seen with some matching colours to the background trees, leaving the bus station with a 33 service.

Variety working the 300 from sublime to the ridiculous !
2401 and 4025 in "heritage" livery with 3731 in the now current livery
followed by a quarter of the 280 allocation, 5464, 5467 and 5468.
One supposes that things in allocations at Aylesbury are stretched?

2704, a DAF Wright Cadet now based in Wycombe was a former Shrewsbury Park & Ride bus when new in 2002.
Seems it will be celebrating its 20th birthday down here.

Three of the ex Milton Keynes 2007 VDL SB120 - Wright Cadets now at High Wycombe looking a little better than 2704.
2782 is working the 37, 2783 the 30 and 2787 the 32 from The Eden Bus Station.

Citaro variety, 3009 works the 800 to Reading, 3038 is the latest repaint and overhaul seen here with a 48,
3039 is working  the X30 and waiting repaint with 39117 running the 32.
The destinations on these Citaros seem to be giving some problems to the depot engineering
 as 3038 and 3917 need paper stickers to indicate the service they are working.

Good old 4819 still working the 32, a hilly route, looks clean and ready for any challenge, old livery or not.

Martyn  Sacaloff

Recently transferred to Aylesbury, 3550 ex Southern Counties, seen at Leighton Buzzard with a 150 service on September 14th.

Paul Coley

... near Stoke Mandeville hospital on September 17th.

Wrights 3729 is seen passing with a 300 service to High Wycombe.

5468 is seen heading for High Wycombe shortly after.

An ex Kent & Surrey Volvo/ALX400 6403 now based at Aylesbury was new to The Medway Towns in 2004.

Tony Bungay

Last week we saw Hemel's 6488 being recovered but by September 17th it was back working the 500 as seen above. 

Jack Cooper

...... visited High Wycombe on September 17th.

E200 44564 is the first seen working the X74.

StreetLite 633128 branded for the X74 is seen leaving The Eden Bus Station.

Finally 69924 branded for the Heathrow services is also seen working the X74 sometime later.

So, variety is the spice of life, let no two correctly branded buses be seen on the outpost route of First.

Hazel Richardson

Saturday, September 18th Carousel had mostly double decker workings on the 1 all day with 241, 242, 243,244 & 245 being on the route. it gave me the chance to photograph recent arrivals 243, 244 & 245 in Bovingdon.

Bovingdon and 243, 244 and 245 working The ONE. Pity 244 has the route number on the wrong side!

Jack Cooper

I visited High Wycombe on September 17th.

215 seen working the 39 from The Eden Bus Station.

242 also seen working the 39 from The Eden Bus Station.

244 again, this time with a 35 service from The Eden Bus Station.

StreetLite 403 with a 102 service to Uxbridge from The Eden Bus Station.

StreetLite 409, one of three in P&R livery, with an 8 service to The Coachway from The Eden Bus Station.

Citaro variety with 857 working the ONE, 869 with a 103, 870 working a STAFF BUS and 882 with a 104 service.

Back in service after quite an extended absence, 886 is seen working link40 to Thame from The Eden Bus Station.

Ex London 940 is seen with a 27 service from The Eden Bus Station. This has been worked by Sprinter's in recent days.

Once silver and used for the J&J contract, 980 is now red and seen above leaving The Eden Bus Station,
and after arrival at Coachway with a 34 service. 

Kevin Fuller

I was lucky today (16th September) to see three of Carousel's recent ex BH&D Scania Omnidekka's, working on the 35 and 36 routes in Flackwell Heath. I managed to get a picture each of them, despite the efforts of the sun, traffic and pedestrians! - see attached. 

243 turns into Fennels Farm Road on its way to Flackwell Heath, on route 35. 

244 picks up passengers in Flackwell Heath village, on service 36 bound for High Wycombe.

245 pauses to drop passengers, as it heads in the opposite direction towards Bourne End on another route 36 service.
.... (the destination screen was working, but my camera didn't capture it). 

Malcolm Crowe

A mid morning line up at the depot on September 15th with 241, 879 and 880 to be seen.

M A N 423 is seen in front of 421 now both out of service by September 15th and parked in the overflow yard.

I am almost sure Citaro 860 has slightly different route lettering covering its rear on September 15th.

Nigel Peach

I was in Wycombe on September 16th so visited the depot. Four pictures to be seen below. 

Ex B & H OmniDekkas 241 and 242 resting with ADL Enviro 400 218 at the depot on 16th September. 

Sprinter 979 looking very smart. 

Carousel's three Solos are all out of service in the overflow yard. 710 and 711 can be seen. 713 is behind 710.
Also in the picture, withdrawn orange MAN 423 behind sprinter 977. 

The remaining MAN 421 has also been taken out of service. 

Gavin Francis

Recently transferred from Carousel Scania 219  is seen working 400 road in St Aldates on September 19th.

Watching a TV channel over the weekend I note Chilternrailways are advertising using a cockerel boarding a train
as seen in the branding covering 602 here working a 35 service on September 18th.

Jack Cooper

MMC 601 heels over as it heads through Abingdon with an X3 service on September 17th.

StreetDeck 658 is seen in Speedwell Street running 5 road also following 683 working 3 road on September 17th.

Seen working 35 road Citaro 844 is seen at the bottom of New Road on September 17th. 

Jack Cooper

.... visited High Wycombe Coachway

Once an X90 coach, nr 68 is seen at Wycombe Coachway heading for Gatwick on September 17th.

Jack Cooper

Brookes are now back, meaning that the BROOKESbus services are now being ran to semester timetables, with 603-608 now mainly being used on Brookes services as opposed to city. Another change is the return of the U6 (The Plain - Harcourt Hill via Hollow Way, Headington Campus and Oxford City), as well as the NU1 and NU5. It is good to hear that so many students are travelling by bus, so much so, from Monday 20th there will be additional U5 trips!

MMC 603 seen in New Road working the U6 on September 17th.

Jack  Cooper

Park & Ride StreetDecks 670 passing 680 both working the 300 on September 17th. 

Gavin Francis

The River Rapids is an attractive livery seen here as 252makes ready for its X40 service to Reading on September 19th.

Jack Cooper

"248 has now entered service after its repaint, making its debut on Wednesday, September 8th with 98s."

Here 248 is seen working X40 in Westgate, Oxford on September 14th.

Seen in Abingdon working the X2, 907 is seen from the rear on September 12th.

Seen in the more traditional Thames Travel livery layout 934 is in Abingdon with an X2 to Didcot on September 13th.

R Chalmers

Scania 208, not used in service for some weeks now is seen here at Abingdon truck on September 19th awaiting attention. 

Martyn Sacaloff

Ex Lothian SN08BXY at Bicester depot on September 14th with a name sticker adorning the dash panel. 

Gavin Francis

JKT YT15AVG working a National Express service through Oxford on September 18th.

Another JKT coach YN18SWY this time in Buckingham Palace Road working a 400 service on September 19th. 

Jack Cooper

A regular in Wycombe FJ06URR is seen with a 38 service on September 17th.

Seen up at the Coachway, YX09FMK is taking a break before schools work on September 17th. 

Gavin Francis

First when with Richardson in Oxford on July 24th 2010 and now
not so red but PN52XBP is seen working a school service in Watlington on September 17th.|

Jack Cooper

Unusually this earlier 2009 E200 was working the X20 in Oxford on September 17th.

Arriving in High Wycombe with a 130 service is T25RRT on September 17th.

Martyn Sacaloff

An updated livery on LX11AVV working a Tring service which I cannot see the route.

Paul Coley

Passing the Stoke Mandeville Hospital on September 17th is YX10BFZ. 

Gavin Francis

...... visited Watlington on September 17th.

Seen when with London United on March 13th 2012, PG04WHX is now with Red Rose as seen in Watlington.

From Nottingham where it is seen on April 8th 2015, YN07EYK is now with Red Rose seen in Watlington.

Martyn Sacaloff

...... visited Aylesbury on September 14th.

Red Rose E19RRT (was GW65GSW) working the 17 Bicester service.

Looking unlike Red Rose, E200 YX58DTY is seen in the bus station with a 101 service. 

Tony Bungay

Working the 17 to Bicester, this bus has been recently re-registered E20RRT (was JW65GSW) on September 17th.

Working the 100 to Milton Keynes, SF66ARW is seen in Aylesbury on September 17th. 

We need an up to date fleet list of all the Red Group companies. However E18RRT was I am advised by Taj Khan CX65BUF !

I am told that service 853 will move to Witney from Cheltenham, last 853 on October 2nd. I await confirmation from the M D of West/Oxfordshire.

Jack Cooper

West Swindon's 10985 is seen looking pristine in Oxford with an S6 working on September 14th.

As mentioned above under West Witney depot will take over the Cheltenham service as the S2 on October 3rd.

Jack Cooper

MMC 11241 is seen in George Street with an S1 service on September 14th.

Gold 15755 is seen working a number 10 service on September 14th.

Solo SR is seen working an S2 from Gloucester Green September 14th which begs the question
will one work through to Cheltenham after October 3rd ?? 

Gavin Francis

Coaches are still appearing working the X5.

Seen on September 18th 54316 is seen entering Magdalen Street east with an X5.  

Gavin Francis

Ex Reading's 534, X399KBV is seen working a schools run in Watlington on September 17th.

Gavin Francis

Tourismo BN17JMX turning towards Icknield School, Watlington on September 17th.


Cymru Coaches of Wales GO63OXF ex The Airline working Rail Replacement at Hillingdon on September 19th.

MNE YN66EMX whose driver was taking a break in Gloucester Green on September 18th. 

airsym YX21NPG showing no indication of an on hired to operator in BPR on September 16th.

readybus was involved in working to a festival in The Isle of Wight when seen in VCS on September 16th.

Also Masons YN18SWU was also in use for the same work on September 16th.

Graham Mildenhall

Murray & Sons, Thorntonhall Neoplan Starliner BM02MAS in their corporate grey based livery. New as OU65RLZ. new to Highland Heritage Coach Tours, Dalmally. OU65 RLZ was re-registered BM02 MAS when it arrived.


Seen at Upper Heyford on September 17th.

Seen in an earlier life at this link :  

Cymru Coastliner

Jorvik Tours ADL Enviro 400 LK08NVF is operating the City Tour in Hull. This was new to Metroline as TE891 and following sale to Ensignbus was loaned to Stagecoach Midlands Northampton depot late last year, before being converted to open top and sold to its current operator. It seems strange seeing these in open top form. 


Michael Wadman

Here are a few photos of Carterton Coaches. They are from the second incarnation of Carterton Coaches, after it had been sold by Swanbrook in 1992. It operated service 64 which ran from Fulbrook or Witney via Carterton to Swindon (Oxfordshire CC referred to the Fulbrook journeys as services 62 (via Shilton) and 63 (via B4020)), which in June 1996 was curtailed to run Carterton – Swindon only. The service was taken over by Thames Transit in April 1997. 

GDZ 8449 (formerly A489 POD) was a Scania K112 / Plaxton,
new to Snell’s of Newton Abbot, in Witney on 13th August 1994. 

HFG 451T (formerly APH 519T) is listed as a Ford R1014 / Duple but obviously with a shortened chassis.
New to Hodge of Sandhurst, and still in the livery of its previous operator but one, Autopoint of Herstmonceux.
Seen outside the Beehive in Carterton on 6th April 1996. 

Bedford YMT / Plaxton NDD 113W, in Carterton on 7th December 1996,
was a former Swanbrook vehicle that transferred to the revived Carterton operation. 

GLJ 681N was a former Hants & Dorset Leyland National, still in the livery of its previous operator but one,
Damory Coaches, in Carterton on 25th February 1997; and also photographed by my friend Keith Newton in Highworth. 

SDA 525S, a former West Midlands PTE Leyland Fleetline / MCW, another of the vehicles that passed from Swanbrook to the revived Carterton Coaches,
was in the yard during an Omnibus Society visit on 8th August 1992. The route number display implies that it had been used on the 64. 

In the process of being slowly consumed by the triffids at the depot during the OS visit,
8321 DD was a Bedford SB5 / Duple new to Pulhams of Bourton-on-the-Water.
It was purchased by the original Carterton Coaches in 1975, and returned by Swanbrook to the revived operation in 1992,
by which time I think it’s pretty safe to say that it was no longer in use as a PSV. 

Finally, GDZ 8449 again at Oxford station on 29th August 1993, on service X64.
This was a summer Sunday variant of the 64 which ran during 1993 (it had also run in 1992 but operated by Heyfordian).
Marketed as the “Fair Rosamund”, it meandered from Oxford to Swindon via every touristy place that it could find.
Some idea of the circuitous nature of the route can be gauged by the way in which it headed out of Oxford in totally the wrong direction, via Woodstock. 

and now a couple of Cheltenham & Gloucester buses by Michael.

Cheltenham & Gloucester 33511 X511ADF on September 11th 2005. The Gloucester fleet name is rather fine.

Working the X94 Gloucester Express, 52400 is seen in Cheltenham on December 8th 2004.
This coach started life with Stagecoach Glasgow as their 110 (P110FRS) in July 1997. 

With Buses and trams in Canada - 2021

Paul Bateson

I had a day out in Toronto today with the aim of finding streetcars 4469 and 4590.  Found 4469 on the 511 Bathurst and rode it from College Street to Exhibition Loop and return.  This month marks the 100th anniversary of transit in Toronto.  4469 carries the TTC 100 advertising on the left side only, regular livery on the right side.  Quite by chance I also found 4462 with the same scheme on the 506 Carlton later in the afternoon.

The reason that I wanted to find 4590 is because it has a political wrap
which is a first to the best of my knowledge for a publicly funded transit system. 

Canada is in the final days of its federal election campaign with polling day on Monday, 20th September 2021.  Justin Trudeau called a snap election purely as opportunistic in the hopes of converting a minority government into a majority.  This is likely to fail unless opinion polls have it completely wrong!  This must be a short lived wrap  on 4590 considering that the election is next Monday.  I saw it at Gerrard Street East and Broadview Avenue on the 506 Carlton but with too much traffic I was prevented from taking a good photograph. The 501L buses (replacing Queen streetcars) are laying over facing west on Gerrard Street East, west of Broadview Avenue, and excellent for photographs.   Had lunch at the A&W (burger place) before taking a 506 west to Bathurst Street in the hopes of picking up 4590 eastbound.  Success and rode it to Main Street Station.  It is quite impressive and includes exclusive advertising inside in the usual panels plus also on the ceiling!  Very well done to be honest although I am surprised that the TTC has approved a political advertisement.  Wouldn't it have been good if there had been one for the other political parties!


I decided that I would take Brampton Transit to Mississauga, Square One.  I took route 1 to Downtown and changed to Zum 502 south to Square One.  I haven't taken this bus ride for well over a year so interesting to see all the construction taking place.  Square One was not as good as expected thanks to the construction in connection to the LRT that is being built. 

GO Transit 8567, ADL Enviro500 SuperLo.

Then GO Transit 8567, ADL Enviro500 SuperLo, and numerically the last of the huge order arrived on route 56 going to Oakville GO Station.  Decided to hop aboard as I wanted to check the seating configuration (H56/21F) and the seat belts that are now mandatory on new coaches built since September 2020.  The seat belt fitted is worn in the same way as a seat belt in a car so no problem wearing it.  A digital announcement was made (and repeated later) advising passengers that it is a mandatory requirement to wear the seat belt. 

Many thanks to Paul for those interesting pictures. 

Andrew Dyer

Congratulations on a bumper edition! What a great picture of the Charlton Services decker in Broad Street.  

When I was with Charlton Services in the 70s our diversionary route from the old Gloucester Green was via Walton Street, St Bernard's Road and Bevington Road to Banbury Road  and used Observatory Street in the opposite direction inbound to Gloucester Green.  

I know that the old RTs were narrower that modern deckers, but today you can hardly get a Mini up St Bernard's Road, let alone a decker!!

More reminiscences!  

Graham Low’s pictures of the Renown in Bedford and the United Counties LD in Oxford remind me of how not to run a bus service! I wonder who on earth thought that two different route numbers 70 and 131 was a good way to maximise custom on a joint service?! That arrangement went on for many years.  

Just after I started school in Oxford and becoming a regular bus user, COMS’s Bicester depot was allocated two brand new Renowns for Service 70. I guess that was COMS’ longest route at the time? I’m sure others will confirm or will know otherwise. The two buses were CFC 353C and 354C and in their early years only rarely did they stray onto lesser routes such as the 96 back roads route to Buckingham or my local 95 route to the Heyfords and Brackley.  

I remember that 354 broke down at Kidlington during its first few days in service, causing the conductor of our bus going the other way to make comments about modern rubbish!

Steven Knight

A big thanks for your efforts on the latest OCBP - a really interesting and informative offering, well done.

Gary Nolan

Well done on the production of this bumper edition Malcolm. Fascinating stories, news and pictures that I appreciate and know how much time you devote to pulling it all together. It’s the best that I subscribe to!  

I hope you’re keeping well and still enjoy producing the Weekly Briefing - I certainly enjoy reading it.  

Nick Ross

.... from the South Coast.

Brighton & Hove StreetDeck 930 with a 12x in Seaford on September 15th.

Similar 944 is seen at the crossing in Newhaven Town again on September 15th.

Spiritbus BF12KXT working school service A from Brighton on September 15th.

A link to various pictures.


Also remembering that September 15th was Battle of Britain Day celebrated each year since 1940.