Welcome to this first Weekly Briefing, where I will post the latest news items and any relevant pictures. It is intended that this will in some way revert to the original concept of the OCBP which was always published weekly.

An item of significance is the work taking place in Frideswide Square, Oxford. This has caused major delays into and out of Oxford, the traffic congestion hitting at all surrounding roads. Today, Sunday, this has been exacerbated by a rail closure with rail replacement coaches adding to the overall congestion. I wonder if there was any communication between the railways and the city/county councils?


After a quite a long wait the two orange E200s, which are normally used on the Link 40 but retained their 39 branding, both buses have now gained full Link 40 branding whilst retaining their orange livery. These buses were first seen earlier this week.

424 is seen on February 27th, which I think was its first day in service. Snow was starting!

In recent days we have not enjoyed the best weather, with cold icy winds, drifting snow and difficult driving conditions. Tourists to Oxford have been short in numbers as seen from our picture below.

City Sightseeing 903 PJ53NKC - by St Giles on March 2nd by Gavin Francis.

On the weather side I am pleased to include a nice snowy shot from Nick cherry who has been busy with his camera. The bus shown was new to First and subsequently was with Tower Transit as their DML44163 mainly used on the W15 from Walthamstow Central.

Indeed several newer buses have joined the fleet recently being YX10BGV/Y and YX61FZC/E/H and G. more details on the main page currently under preparation.

YX10BGV in the snow near the depot on March 1st by Nick Cherry.

On the weather front sister company Red Line's Dart V262BNV was involved in an accident on the A4010 a few days ago, which closed the A4010 for some time! A picture appeared in Saturday's Daily Express.


It is rumoured that the four Gold ADL's, delivered last November, which have so far remained unused are to be reallocated to Stagecoach West at Gloucester. This is not so far confirmed.

However late news provided by Stagecoach Oxford is "The four Gold E400 MMCs will be transferring to Stagecoach West, initially for use on the Cheltenham Festival shuttle service from 13 to 16 March.  They will then be retained by Stagecoach West for use on a new Park & Ride service, details of which will become clearer in due course.  The plans we had for them in Oxford have been deferred for now."

David Gray has advised that he hopes to attend the races and hopefully we will then have some interesting pictures.

Just arrived from ADL, 10905 backed by the other three are seen at Horspath depot on November 24th by Gavin Francis.


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