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Issue 294
Thursday 17th September 2009
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 Company & fleet news 17th September 2009

The most immediate news has been covered in our weekly Spottings & Jottings (S&J) pages. Latest Spottings & Jottings You can also keep up to date through the Archive index which is updated upon every new publication.

News items of interest in this issue of Fleet News are the delivery of a fleet of five Stagecoach Gold Scanias to SC Oxfordshire for the S2 service, new Van Hool double deck coaches for Megabus and Oxford Tube, receipt of the last Scania/Enviro 400 to Oxford Bus, a new operator in Banbury - Tex coaches and the repainting of Carousel's Citaros in all red livery. Many other items of note are included. 

Contributions have, as ever, excellent and I must record my appreciation to all concerned. My apologies if your contribution has been left out but there was so much to include and time was against me.


The 43rd BDotY competition took place in Blackpool on Sunday September 6th and your Editor has to tell you it is far from easy. Indeed don't ask about my performance but at least I tried.

Alan Gelson sent some nice pictures of the the buses used by competitors from Oxfordshire. Jim Wright of Stagecoach came second overall, a creditable achievement.

The Oxford Citaro with the Tower in the background sets the scene.

Jim Wright of Stagecoach came second overall, a creditable achievement.

Loretta from Oxford Bus and Malcolm from Stagecoach also competed.

   L U T O N

Glenn Knight has contributed some useful pictures of buses on services at Luton Airport.

A long serving fleet member, V99APS, a MAN 14.240 with MCV eVolution bodywork loads at the airport. Picture by Glenn Knight.

 A recent addition to the fleet is this M A N 14.240 with MCV eVolution bodywork. Picture by G Knight.

Another recent addition is this Plaxton Centro, KX58BHN, which looks well in the Airparks livery. It feature M A N running gear. Picture by G Knight.

Adam Green noted an unusual performer on route 52 at lunch time on 27th August when 3865 from High Wycombe garage appeared in Hemel Hempstead complete with Green route branding.

Picture by Adam Green

Nigel Peach writes "Those ex Oxford Volvo B10Bs continue to be unfortunate. With 3853 already written off in a fire and 3841 still looking very forlorn after its accident last year, now 3843 is also parked at Cressex with severe frontal damage.   

I've noticed that Arriva's buses are receiving different destination displays, with the number appearing on the right. I know you've written a lot about this over the years and what is legal and what is not. Hopefully this means they are now conforming.

They seem to be very slow in painting buses in the "blue route 32" livery with only 3146 and 3203 being treated so far. There were a number of double deckers on this route today (Tues 11th August)."

Nigel adds "I visited the Cressex depot today, Sat 12th Sept. Volvo B6 3127 (M727OMJ) appears to have joined others in the "withdrawn" row. This bus has been based at Wycombe since new 15 years ago. Accident damaged Volvo B10B 3841 (N621FJO) has disappeared from this row - my guess is that it has gone for scrap, as the damage looked quite severe. 

Sister bus 3843, also accident damaged but less severe, has also moved from this row. I think it was the Volvo I could see on the pits (it was certainly one from that batch), so maybe that bus is repairable, although as these buses are now quite elderly, having given good service, one wonders if that would be economic to do so. 

Recently transferred in Wright Endurance bodied B10Bs 3850-2 (R370-372TWR) are all now in service at Wycombe looking very smart with their new coat of paint. These buses seem to be regularly running the 800/850 routes to Marlow/Reading.

A third bus has gained the new livery for Blue Route 32. This came as a complete surprise to me as it is Scania 3162, which according to my book was based at Hemel. It still has a conventional destination blind, so was just showing "32" when I saw it on Tues 8th. I wonder if this has joined the other 6 sister buses in Wycombe or whether it has replaced one of them?"

Pete Cabin also reported seeing 3162 in its blue 32 route livery on the same day. Indeed 3162 is and has been recorded as a Hemel based bus but obviously has now moved to Wycombe.

Gavin Francis
caught up with Solo 24 on Line 40 at Stokenchurch showing the repositioning of the route number to comply with DiPTAC standards.

Andrew Morgan sent some pictures to illustrate the fact that air conditioning units have been fitted to Versas working out in Hertfordshire. Pods have been fitted to buses 2403-2405 and these would appear to answer the reason that Versa demonstrator YJ58VCC was on loan.

Versa 2404 in Welwyn Garden City 28/11/08, when a month or two old with out air-con pod - Picture by Andrew Morgan.

Versa 2403 in Welwyn Garden City 18/08/09 with new air-con pod fitted - Picture by Andrew Morgan.

We have mentioned in S&J that coach 4367 has gained inter-urban livery and here is picture taken at Stevenage depot by Andrew Morgan.
One wonders why this livery has been applied?

Mark Turner sent some nice pictures from Hemel which I include below.

Arriva 3176 based at Hemel is normally found on routes 4 & 5 but lately it has been on route 550. Picture Mark Turner.

Arriva 3444 (R204VPU) based at Hemel & now found on route 500. This bus used to be at Watford and when it was first new was used on Green Line 724.
Picture by Mark Turner

Mark adds ".....herewith two pictures of Arriva Buses based at Hemel. The first picture is of 5152 (S152KNK) which has been appearing on Route 500 over the last couple of weeks instead of the normal DAF bus.

Picture by Mark Turner.

Dart 3171 (P671OPP) which has also worked the 500. This bus is normally to be found working Hemel routes 4 & 5.
Picture by Mark Turner.

A question from Milton Keynes

Edward Neal writes "I was outside Milton Keynes Central Station this morning (Wednesday 2nd September) and noted that the new vehicles on Route 4 were still RED (correct for the Service) but carried the ARRIVA Logo and not the usual MK METRO version. Both examples were running during the period I was there. Is this the end of MK Metro or will the Company be kept separately on paper so  that it can be sold off at a later date if it ever becomes necessary ??"

 Arriva picture view

An interesting comparison as two Darts, once with Wycombe Bus, leave the Eden Bus Station showing differing blind settings.
Comments by Nigel Peach refer. Pictures by Gavin Francis.

Another bus with its route number on the right!  3158 leaves for Bourne End from Eden Bus Stn. Picture by Gavin Francis.

In the last issue Citaro 3922 was pictured in Central Milton Keynes on route 100 to Aylesbury, this time its on its correct route 300 in Wycombe.
Picture by Gavin Francis

Another bus in High Wycombe with its route number o the right working the 305 service.
3213 prepares to go on stand for the next service on September 2nd.
Picture by Gavin Francis.

Another bus with the approved destination layout is 4490 leaving the Eden Bus Station on September 2nd working route 74 to Slough.
Picture by Gavin Francis.

Oxford is now home to a large number of Enviro 400 deckers, some Scania and some Dennis like 5437 from Aylesbury depot working the 280.
Picture by Gavin Francis.

As if to emphasize my point here we have two Enviro 400s, one Scania and one Dennis passing each other in the city centre.
Oxford Brookes 207 and Arriva 5439, the unbranded one from Aylesbury.

Picture by Richard Sharman.

The ALX400 Tridents at Aylesbury are now being repainted in Inter-urban livery as shown by 5422
Picture by Richard Sharman.

Ex Green Line coach 4064 now seems to be based at Aylesbury as their training bus? Picture by Richard Sharman.

Richard also found this ex MK Metro Solo at Aylesbury, seemingly in withdrawn condition earlier this month.

Three different faces of the 757 seen in London through the lens of Gavin Francis.
4364 unusually works a 757 duty followed by 4375 and then 4385 in easyBus livery.
One wonders if the recent easyBus announcement will have any effect on these easyBus liveried coaches?

Still hard at work in High Wycombe, this all Leyland Olympian dates from 1991. Picture by Malcolm Crowe.

Another Olympian, this time a Volvo version, 5148 leaves the bus station on service 52 showing the blind in correct layout. 4th September by M Crowe.

The recently transferred buses from Stevenage are now making an impression on current operations. 16th September.
3454 on the 32, 3849 on the 37 and 3852 on the 850. Pictures by M Crowe.

Older buses still appear on main line duties as seen by 3844 working the 800 to Reading. 16th September by M Crowe,

A line up of some of the current fleet based at Wycombe on 16th September. M Crowe.

A sad sight at Cressex depot is this line up of withdrawn buses, one wonders how long these will last.
One Volvo B6, third along, was originally with Motts. Pictures taken on 4th and 16th September by M Crowe.

Another member of the training fleet was at Cressex depot on 16th September. It was 4044 pictured by M Crowe.

When I visited the Cressex depot on Wednesday 16th September Olympian 5151 was parked in the "back" row. I do hope this is not sign of the demise of this fine bus. The second of the two ex Motts Volvo B6s, 3139 L923LJO, was elsewhere in the depot but also appearing as withdrawn

Nigel Peach writes "Accident damaged Olympian L564 (H564GKX) which had been withdrawn, is back in service (still advertising the A40 route). The August issue of Buses reports that three more "EVLs" have been acquired (ex  EVL31/3/5) but I've not seen any of these yet." (This is an erroneous report as confirmed by Carousel. Ed.)

"Plaxton Primo RK07BNF seems to be a regular performer now on Line 2 to Marlow. You have remarked that its destination display has been faulty. This has now been rectified." (Duly noted and I can confirm that this bus is for sale. Ed.)

A green Dart was working the 336 when I visited the bus station in Wycombe - 16th September - M Crowe.

"It does seem odd to see buses on route 336 on London Road, High Wycombe but, as you report, this route now serves HW and Beaconsfield. Ex Birmingham MAN AF53GCY was running this route on Tuesday 8th September and, as you reported, looks very smart in its new livery."

Ex Birmingham MAN AF53GCY, looking very smart, had only just returned from the painters when it was pressed into service on Line 1 on 4th September.
Picture by Malcolm Crowe.

Olympian L530 has acquired a digital destination display and was pictured in High Wycombe on 4th September by Malcolm Crowe.

Noel Clark writes to advise "MB53 returned from the paint shop on 11th September and MB52 went up in its place, marking the end of silver bus operation for Carousel. All 3 Citaros will be branded for the new A30/740/A40 group of services before the new routes commence on Monday 28th September. Ill let you know when they have been vinyled, probably sometime w/c 21st September.

MB51 returned from paint on 4th September and looks like new. Picture by Malcolm Crowe.

The remaining DAF, 976, is still providing good service and is seen on 4th September on service 36. Picture by Malcolm Crowe.

As mentioned earlier this month, Centrebus are now working a route into Stansted and several odd buses in Telling Golden Miller livery from Leicester have appeared.

Crew training took place in London with five of the refurbished Irizar coaches appearing in Green Line on 11th September. They had also been there on 8th September when Glenn Knight got a picture for us.

One must admit they do look very smart indeed, quite a lot of money has been spent to produce this fleet.
23321 pauses at Green Line Bulleid Way on 8th September. Picture by Glenn Knight.

Gavin Francis took several pictures on 11th September which reproduced below.

Five of the refurbished Irizar coaches appeared in Green Line on 11 September.

Three views of the coaches in London on 11th September.

For those of you who may have missed my S&J here are some official interior pictures.

Gavin also provided a snap of the "new" coach reference numbers which seem to have replaced similar numbers used when in National Express service.
Can anyone confirm if this is so and are Greyhound going to use "Fizzbacks"?

Terry Partridge notes "Whilst in Portswood, Southampton recently a Greyhound liveried Scania was present - Truronian 23316 YN55PXG named Mrs Robinson - branded for London - Southampton - Portsmouth. Surprise one was that is is a four  year old coach and secondly the legals" :

Truronian Ltd
The Ride
Chelson Meadow
Plymouth PL9 7JT

Carl Berry adds "The operating centre at Fareham was added to the Truronian licence a while back. Whilst the coaches refer to Plymouth the website says that Greyhound are based in Blackburn!

For anybody going to Showbus it's hoped to have all the remaining 'Bristol Greyhound' livered coaches in a line for the first (and possibly last!) time, subject to mechanicals of course!"

DRH notes "Greyhound UK Ltd., London W2, was registered as Truronian Coach Ltd. on 6 August 2009; name changed on 18th August."

Grant & Palmer

Glenn Knight reports "Good news searching on the Grant Palmer Website have found that they will be operating service 24 from Luton - Weatherby between 1900 & 2351 for which two buses will be needed for the hourly service.

They are also advertising for drivers on 9 per hour Weekdays/Weekends. Grant & Palmer have DB1s and it's a pleasure to travel with them."

with Tappins

Heyfordian's Sunsundegui bodied Volvo, YC02CHG, filled in for a failed National Express 737 service recently when the rostered Scania broke down in the M40 cutting near Stokenchurch.

Following the sad fire at Tappins in Didcot resulting in the loss of several vehicles, Leyland National 635GBU has been drafted into High Wycombe to cover on school services. Today, 16th, it was on a Thame working.

Taken on the 14th September this picture shows the National in West Wycombe yard prior to a school working. Picture by Steve Warwick.

Roland writes "I was in Banbury on 11th August and thought you might like this photo of Heyfordian Primo KX09CKC one of two on Banbury town services B7 and B10."

Ken MacKenzie writes "Zoe Smith of Heyfordian has kindly provided me with the reg numbers of the vehicles lost in last weekends fire".

They are:

2185 NU (ex B246 NVN) Leyland Olympian with ECW bodywork - Tappin

YAY 537 (ex F483 OFT) Volvo B10M-60 with Van Hool bodywork - Heyfordian (This is the Wycombe based coach since replaced by National 653GBU Ed.)

KUI 9417 (ex G417 YAY) Volvo B10M-60 with Plaxton bodywork - Tappin

B17 TCL (ex T991 JNW)  Volvo B10M-62 with Van Hool bodywork - Tappin

Some most interesting news received from Hedley Shanks. He writes "Just thought Id send you some photos of MT09MTT setting out on the Channel 4 Coach Trip programme. This is the fourth series we have done, T100MTT was in the first two and MT04MTT was last years (or this years when it was shown. There are also some of the interior which Motts Travel converted in house.

MT09s conversion to TV studio started in early August, and it was done totally in house by our team in the workshop. A lot of the equipment was saved from last years Coach Trip on MT04 MTT. Only the actual mixing studio at the rear of the coach was installed by a specialist company called Hot Cam. They also installed all the remote cameras all around the coach, even on the roof. I cannot tell you where it is going as it may spoil it for some people. We had to cover up our livery with a complete set of white vinyls.

Brighton was a particular success for us where MT09MTT won best Plaxton in show plus best coach supplied by Plaxton Coach Sales and also came second in the road run that is always just before you arrive at Madeira Drive.  Ive included MT09MTT at this years Brighton Coach Rally which I entered with my colleague Steve Lane.

Also to note is a slightly modified livery which will be applied to all our new & acquired coaches in the future.

Im still undecided whether Im going to Showbus but 90WFC will be there, as usual, as the control vehicle and also Martin Isles will be having use of one of our coaches all weekend at Duxford."

I very much appreciate the contribution from Hedley and it is nice to see how much goes into getting a coach ready for a special TV show.

A new deadline of September 25th has been agreed for a decision to be made regarding the sale of National Express to CVC Cosen. More details can be found on Spottings & Jottings nr 4.

Veolia Nottingham seem to be having problems rostering liveried coaches. Here a Sunsundegui works the 767 on 7th September. M Crowe.

Silverdale have many diagrams on the 450 and one of the latest Levantes is now in their fleet.
We previously saw this coach at Stansted with four others for the making of the latest NEx TV adverts. G Francs.

Updated Details of the latest two axle Levantes in the process of delivery are:

FJ09DXG YS2K4X20001863100 FO93043001 MK METRO 418
FJ09DXK YS2K4X20001863113 FO93043002 MK METRO 419
FJ09DXL YS2K4X20001863121 FO93043003 MK METRO 420
FJ09DXM YS2K4X20001863140 FO93043004 MK METRO 421
FJ09DXO YS2K4X20001863165 FO93043005 MK METRO 422
FJ09DXP YS2K4X20001863144 FO93043006 MK METRO 423
FJ09DXR YS2K4X20001863176 FO93043007 MK METRO 424
FJ09DXS YS2K4X20001863201 FO93043008
FJ09DXT YS2K4X20001863214 FO93043009 Silverdale
FJ09DXU YS2K4X20001863207 FO93043010 Silverdale
FJ09DWY YS2K4X20001863249 FO93043011 Silverdale
FJ09DWZ YS2K4X20001863271 FO93043012
FJ09DXA YS2K4X20001863258 FO93043013 Ambassador 206
FJ09DXB YS2K4X20001863276 FO93043014 Ambassador 207
FJ09DXC YS2K4X20001863279 FO93043015 Ambassador 208
FJ09DXE YS2K4X20001863255 FO93043016
FJ09DXF YS2K4X20001863262 FO93043017
FJ09DWF YS2K4X20001863238 FO93043018
FJ09DWG YS2K4X20001863267 FO93043019
FJ09DWK YS2K4X20001863245 FO93043020
FJ09DWL YS2K4X20001863217 FO93043021
FJ09DWM YS2K4X20001863231 FO93043022
FJ09DWN YS2K4X20001863228 FO93043023
FJ09DWO YS2K4X20001863222 FO93043024
FJ09DWP YS2K4X20001863233 FO93043025

Further sightings of operators using these new coaches would be appreciated.

Stephen le Bras writes "Silverdale has several Levantes for the 450 - FJ09DXT/U/Y spotted for memory.

Silverdale use their Levantes on the 450, whilst Hookways use a mixture of ex Parks Jonckheere bodied Volvos on the 502 plus the Volvo B9/Plaxton demonstrator.

FJ07TKD now No 4 with Yeomans surprised me when I saw it in Windsor coach park. Levantes are not normally used on private hire!

Strange that NX sold SC28 with its route plan on the side!"


Arriva Midlands 3255 works a 561 departure to Bradford. Picture by Gavin Francis.

Stagecoach East Kent operates the Dover service from London. Above we see 53015 going round for loading in VCS.
Picture by Gavin Francis.

Lucketts operate a number of south coast service including the 031 from Portsmouth, soon to be in competition with Greyhound.
Picture by Gavin Francis.

Selwyns are another long term NEx contractor and this five year old Van Hool is departing on a northbound service from VCS.
Picture by Gavin Francis.

Veolia Nottingham operate most departures on the 240 service to Heathrow.
Pictured by Gavin Francis we see the Levante climbing the hill to the top of the Chilterns on the M40.

This small vehicle is now used at Stansted as a hack.
Picture by Malcolm Crowe.

Once again I would mention how useful I have found the HB Publications - National Express Datafile 2009 edition. Check the link at for details. At 11.00 I think it is quite a bargain. It not only lists National Express services and coach fleets but also Scottish citylink, Megabus, Oxford Tube and Shearings. Most useful.


Nu-Venture, Aylesford

Chris writes to update us on developments of vehicles which once ran in our area. One in particular is most interesting.

C64HOM arrived ex Bzee Bus & Travel Ltd, yesterday 14/8/09, though doubt it will see service here. C64HOM was sold yesterday to a private buyer in Brighton. It did not enter service with Nu-Venture.

Another addition here is once Thames Transit [M87 WBW] ex Stagecoach at Scunthorpe, arriving this evening at Aylesford 19/8/09.

A Further Thames Transit Dart was acquired yesterday, M81WBW from Stagecoach at Scunthorpe.

Another ex TT Dart is due here at the weekend (M64VJO) ex Hull but this one is likely to be preserved and not put into service here.

Attached is a picture of M64VJO another one new to Thames Transit! Which Nu-Venture acquired on 30/8/09 and is seen here after collection at Aylesford. This one won't enter service however at Nu-Venture as it will be preserved back into Thames Transit Kidlington Cavalier colours that it carried when new.

 A further due in the next week or so, but is Docklands Transit N425MBW. 

They are all 43 seat single doors, except M74VJO which is a 40 seater single door, at least 81/87/89 still have the centre door lights on the interior roof. They are in excellent condition, the Docklands Transit ones are not as good however.

Alll except M74VJO came from Stagecoach Hull, M74VJO came from Stagecoach South minus its front end after a major accident. We rebuilt it with the front end from J228 HGY which we scrapped. 

M74 still has a Thames Transit interior, which is being swapped with M64 this weekend.

I have driven both 87 and 74, 87 is nicer to drive than most SLF examples.

The Volvo B10BLEs from Brighton are now joining the fleet as:

792 R229 HCD Volvo B10BLE YV3R4A515WA003926 Wrights Renown Y412 B45F Jan-98 City

793 R223 HCD Volvo B10BLE YV3R4A513WA003918 Wrights Renown Y406 B45F Jan-98 City

794 R224 HCD Volvo B10BLE YV3R4A517WA003923 Wrights Renown Y407 B45F Jan-98 City

795 R225 HCD Volvo B10BLE YV3R4A519WA003924 Wrights Renown Y404 B45F Jan-98 City

796 R226 HCD Volvo B10BLE YV3R4A514WA003927 Wrights Renown Y408 B45F Jan-98 City

797 R227 HCD Volvo B10BLE YV3R4A516WA003928 Wrights Renown Y409 B45F Jan-98 City

Volvo B10Bs are still shown as being on fleet strength as at 30th July.

The latest fleet list may be found at this link:

New Vehicles: note that of the new Scania double deckers, 201-207 were licensed in July, whilst 208-211 were licensed in August.

Vehicles Acquired:

792-7 R229/3-7 HCD Volvo B10BLE Wrights Renown B45F ex-Brighton & Hove 229/3-7. Acquired as B46F; will be converted to B45F before entering service.

Withdrawn (7/09): 629-34/8. - (640-3 are still licensed but will not be used until 9/09 when they will make their final appearance for the first five weeks of the Oxford Brookes semester)


630/3/8 Dews Coaches, Cambridge (7/09)

631/4 Grey, Ely (8/09)

I much appreciate the excellent web site of Oxford Bus from where I gained the above information.

The Omnibus Society Presidential Weekend was  held in Oxford on 5/6 September and a new Enviro 400 nr 211 was used to transport quests. It is registered OS09OXF. Philip Kirk, MD of Oxford Bus is this year's President.

Various operators were visited during the Saturday and Sunday including Stagecoach at Horspath and Woottens in Chesham. Note should be taken of the appropriate registration of 211.

Scanias together - Oxford's new 211 poses alongside one of the new Stagecoach Goldline buses which have now entered service on the S2.
Picture by John Horsman - 5th September 2009.

Rob Williams kindly provided some pictures of the visitors to Stagecoach on 5th September.

On the 6th September the OS group visited Woottens premises and some interesting pictures were gained of ex COMS vehicles alongside the new.
Pictures by Michael Wootten.

For those with a nostalgic leaning this picture from my archive taken in 1991 may amuse. M Crowe.

Paul Dudfield writes "With the news that First are bringing the Greyhound brand over from America I thought you might be interested in this picture of a Greyhound coach. It was taken in the COMS garage in Cowley Road in September 1973. The coach was over here promoting American holidays."


Scania 202 on a U5 working in St Aldates taken by Gavin Francis.

Last of the Brookes Scanias, 211, on a U1 working by the Rail Station. Picture by Gavin Francis.

Trident 904 on an 8 road service laying over in Norfolk Street, pictured by Gavin Francis.

The same bus at the revised pick up for 8 road in Castle Street. Picture by Gavin Francis.

Glenn Knight sent me a fleet list of the Redline vehicles.




 Registration No.     Year   Chassis Make & Type          Body Make & Type              Seats              Former Owner


A8 HOF                 1995   Volvo B10M                       Jonckheere                        C49F             Ex-Montegrange, Nottingham  (M730 KJU)

KIW 8606               1991   Volvo B10M                       VanHool                            C49Ft            Ex-Shearings 177  (H177 DVM)

LIL 9666                1988   Volvo B10M-60                   Jonckheere                        C53F             Ex-Berks Bucks Bus Co 781 (F771 OJH)         

R754 VRM              1998   Volvo B10M-62                   Plaxton                             C53F             Ex-Messenger, Aspatria

X458 KUT               2000   Volvo B7R-63           Plaxton Premiere 350 C70F             Ex-Hill, Wolverhampton




      Registration No.     Year   Chassis Make & Type          Body Make & Type              Seats              Former Owner


BD05 ATO              2005   Volkswagen                       LT 35 TDI LWB                   M3                Ancillary vehicle        Ex-TNT Parcel Services

F101 TML               1988   Volvo B10M-50                   Alexander                          H47/29F        Ex-Arriva Merseyside 3671

G638 BPH             1989   Volvo B10M-50                   Northern Counties Palatine   H45/31F        Ex-Cherry, Bootle

G639 BPH              1989   Volvo B10M-50                   Northern Counties Palatine   H45/35F        Ex-Arriva Yorkshire West 7638

H157 XYU              1990   Volvo B10M-50                   Alexander                          H46/29F        Ex-Grey Green, Cedar Coaches of Bedford

H557 GKX             1991   Leyland Olympian                Leyland                             H47/31F        Ex-Armchair L557 (Southdown PSV 23,400)

H643 PTW              1990   Leyland Olympian               Alexander Belfast               H47/27F        Ex-Dublin Bus RH57 (90 D 1057)

J858 TSC              1991   Leyland Olympian               Alexander                         H51/34F        Ex-Lothian Buses RT 858

J860 TSC               1991   Leyland Olympian               Alexander                         H51/34F        Ex-Lothian Buses RT 860

K576 NHC              1992   Dennis Dart                       Alexander Dash                  B40F             Ex-Sussex Coastline Buses 576

KM55 KMH             2005   Alexander Dennis Enviro 300                                       B60F             Ex-Tonna Luxury, Tonna

L983 MSC              1993   Volvo YN2RC16Z4               Alexander                         H51/34F        Ex-Lothian Buses RT 983

M65 HHB               1994   Dennis Dart                       Wright Handybus                B39F             Ex-Rhondda Buses 65

 MX56 ABV              2006   Enterprise EB01                  Plaxton Primo                    B28F             New  9/2006

MX58 KYR              2009   Optare Solo M710SE           Optare                             B23F             New  12/2008 (Minstral new  170,000)

MX58 KYS              2009   Optare Solo M710SE           Optare                             B23F             New  12/2008 (Minstral new  170,000)

MX58 KYT              2009   Optare Solo M780SE           Optare                             B27F             New  12/2008

ND06 MDK             2006   Ford Transit 350 LWB          Ford                                M14F

P45 APC                1996   Toyota Hiace                                                           M5                Ancillary vehicle

P558 PNE              1996   Mercedes Benz O810D         Plaxton Beaver                  B27F             Ex-Greater Manchester South 558

R450 PRH              1997   Mercedes Benz O814D         Plaxton Beaver                  B27F             Ex-East Yorkshire 450

R816 WJA              1997   Mercedes Benz O814D         Plaxton Beaver                  B31F             Ex-Universal, Smithy Bridge

SN53 LWR             2003   Transbus Dart                    Transbus                          B37F             Ex-Transbus, Falkirk - Ex-Dawsons Rentals

T405 BGB              1999   Mercedes Benz O814D         Marshall                            B31F             Ex-Ladbrook, Sutton Bridge Hunt & District

T507 TOL               1999   Volvo B6 BLE-55                 Wright Crusader                 B31F             Ex-Airlinks 507

T946 BNN              1999   Dennis Dart SLF                 Plaxton Pointer                   B40F             Ex-Trent 946

V262 BNV              1999   Dennis Dart SLF                 Plaxton Pointer                   B29F            Ex-Bolderson of Speke

XAZ 1311              1988   Leyland Olympian               Alexander                         H45/30F        Ex-Merseyside PTE 235  - Brylaine (F233 YTJ)

X 92 FOR               2000   Dennis Dart                       S.C. Coachbuilders              B47F             Ex-Claribel, Birmingham

YE53 YCJ               2003   Ford Transit 350                 Ford                                M14F            Ex-

YN04 LXF              2004   Optare Alero                      Optare                             B16F             Ex-Arriva Shires/Bucks CC 0454

YN04 LXG              2004   Optare Alero                      Optare                             B16F             Ex-Arriva Shires/Bucks CC 0455

Previous Buses

  Licence        Year   Chassis Make & Type          Body Make    Seats              Former Owner                                             Sold To


  H156 XYU    1990   Volvo B10M-50                   Alexander      H46/29F        Ex-Grey Green,

  K318 YKG    1992   Mercedes Benz 811D           Wright           B33F             Ex-Red & White 318,

  L660 MYG    1993   Mercedes Benz                  Plaxton          DP31F           Ex-Keighley & District

  L662 MYG    1993   Mercedes Benz                  Plaxton          B31F             Ex-Keighley & District

  MX04 VLN    2004   Optare Solo                       Optare          B26F             Ex-Stagecoach Devon 47151,

  YN04 LXH    2004   Optare Alero                      Optare          B16F             Ex-Arriva Shires 0456

H534 RKG    1990   Volvo B10M-60                   Plaxton          C49F             Ex-Castell (H904 AHS) (CCZ 2213)

A8 KRT        1995   Ford Transit                      Mellor           M16              Ex-Buffalo, Flitwick 38 (N538 DNW)  Glenn Knight, Beds Aug-2009


Blue:           On Loan

Black:         Present Fleet

Red:           Past Fleet

The news of the month, following the launch of the new Oxford Tube fleet has to be the launch of Stagecoach Gold on the S2 Carterton-Witney-Oxford service. The new buses for this launch arrived earlier in the month and were originally to have been operated in Cheltenham but when the opportunity presented itself for these five to join the Oxford fleet Stagecoach in Oxfordshire took it in both hands and have upgraded the S series a stage further. This follows the earlier upgrade of the S3 and S5 to use Scania Enviro 400 deckers, those on the S3 having Wi-Fi as an enhancement.

The new buses, or are they coaches, represent the latest in technology with Scania Euro 5 (Enhanced Environmental Vehicle Technology) engine that have even lower emissions than those required by the highest Euro standard making them amongst the most environmentally friendly vehicles on the road.

Hand stitched Italian leather seats add to a more luxurious travel experience with moquette trimming to the rear of the seats and wall sides of the buses and additionally includes Wi-Fi. With parking at a premium and crowded roads, especially the A40 west of Oxford, these buses must encourage car users working in Oxford to think again. Do I really need to use the car?

Pictures by Gavin Francis will give a lasting impression of the comfort these new buses have to offer, certainly the seats are really comfortable.

With Italian designed seats by Lazzarini Transito, leather high backed finished in bold blue with complimentary cream piping the interior of these buses
is most appealing. The bus photographed is 15533, the first for Oxford and based at Witney depot. Pictures by Gavin Francis.

The striking appearance of the new Scanias, tastefully branded. 15533 is seen at Horspath depot shortly after branding.
Picture by Gavin Francis.

First day in service, 15533 seen approaching the city centre and 15534 in Gloucester Green alongside 15438 on the S3.
September 14th by Richard Sharman.

Trident summer sojourn in Devon.

Ken Baker noted that 18051 working the 21 on September 16th. 18054 also in Barnstaple on the same day but only expected to stay until 18th.

Two shots of 18051, I love the destination Westward Ho! September 16th 2009.
Pictures by Ken Baker.

Crossing the bridge in Barnstaple, 18054 shows off its super rear for Oxford Tube. September 16th 2009.
Picture by Ken Baker.

J May writes "I recently have been down the South Hams and have photographed around 170 buses. One of them was ex-Stagecoach Oxford 18052 (KX53VNC) it is seen at Brixham Town Centre on Monday 10TH August on route 66, which connects Brixham and Torbay Hospital."

Copyright J May

Omnibus Society Presidential Weekend 5 & 6 September 2009

The weekend of 5th and 6th September saw the Omnibus society hosted by Philip Kirk, Managing Director of Oxford Bus, and visits to various operators in our area. Stagecoach were on the list on Saturday afternoon and to add to the pictures already included in the Oxford Bus report above I include a few taken prior to the arrival of the group by Gavin Francis.

Pictures by Gavin Francis.

Roadworks in Magdalen Street East cause diversions for buses

Roadworks in the city centre resulted in rerouting of various services as shown in the pictures by Gavin Francis.
These buses are leaving Broad Street on diversion on 9th September.

The remaining Van Hool Oxford Tube coaches are now expected with dates indicated below. . They are as follows.

Fleet Number Registration Mark due for delivery
50216 OU59 AVC after 08 Oct
50217 OU59 AVD after 08 Oct
50218 OU59 AVE after 15 Oct
50219 OU59 AUO after 15 Oct
50220 0O59 AUR after 10 Sep
50221 OU59 AUT after 17 Sep
50222 OU59 AUV after 17 Sep
50223 OU59 AUW after 24 Sep
50224 OU59 AUX after 24 Sep
50225 OU59 AUY after 01 Oct
50226 OU59 AVB after 01 Oct

I received some nice pictures of the new coaches and previous models at Lewknor taken by Mark E. Lyons.

Mark writes "I expect that you will be inundated with photographs of these coaches but nevertheless attach a few taken today at Lewknor for possible use on the OCBP.  Whilst there I bumped into Gavin (or did he bump into me?...) who was
clearly not surprised to find me handing around in the Oxfordshire countryside!  His charge for the day was 50102 and a shot of this is also included.

For good measure I attach a photograph of a previous generation of Oxford Tubes, taken at the same location on 6 August 2004 during the transition from M A N s to Neoplans!"

50201 and 50207 at Lewknor taken by Mark E. Lyons.

Old generation coaches at Lewknor taken by Mark E. Lyons.

Trevor Wilson notes "the new coaches now feature on the Van Hool web site at : 

and the US Megabus version: 

and the standard European version: and

Stephen le Bras reports on Megabus services for 14th August.

Stagecoach 54053/4/5 were observed  today in London. Edwards of Cardiff Yn08DNV and Westbus 109 were reported on Megabus reliefs.

Glenn Knight has been to Van Hool at Wellingborough and has sent some interesting pictures of the new coaches for Megabus. These are in the middle of the Oxford Tube deliveries. Internally they appear identical to the Tube versions.

The new Van Hool Megabus licence plates

SV59CGG Van Hool TD927 YE2927SD358D53422  Van Hool 53422  CH24/63Dt  9/2009  Stagecoach 50227

SV59CGK Van Hool TD927 YE2927SD358D53423  Van Hool 53423  CH24/63Dt  9/2009  Stagecoach 50228

SV59CGO Van Hool TD927 YE2927SD358D53424  Van Hool 53424  CH24/63Dt  9/2009  Stagecoach 50229

SV59CGU Van Hool TD927 YE2927SD358D53425  Van Hool 53425  CH24/63Dt  9/2009  Stagecoach 50230

50228, 50229 and 50230 all receiving attention at Van Hool's premises in Wellingborough
on the 9th September - pictures By Glenn Knight.

Of interest are some pictures from Martin Isles of new Van Hool coaches for service in Ottawa, Canada. Martin writes "The Megabus photos, two are in the yard at Coach Canada's Toronto Airport depot - a lovely mix of Megabuses, Coach Canada MCIs, Ford jumbo minibuses and yellow school buses!  They were freshly arrived off the transatlantic crossing, some with export/import stickers still in the windows and simply blue. Others were in the throws of receiving Megabus decals. Some original Van Hools deckers were in the yard too. They have been used on the Megabus New York-Toronto service which is being upgraded and extended to Montreal since starting in Spring last year. This will incorporate Coach Canada's $10 one way Toronto-Montreal route. The third picture is of one of the deckers on test at Kingston, Ontario at the Kingston coach terminal."

Note that the staircases, shown in the third picture are on the "nearside" or in other words the same side as the UK versions.
Pictures by Martin Isles.



Adam Green writes "I took a picture of a uno Scania bus in Hemel Hempstead late last month which I hope will interest readers?

uno Scania 353 - YN57FZA on route 634 in Hemel by Adam Green.

Unusually a Citaro appeared on the 634 being fleet number 311. Picture by Adam Green. 

Andrew Morgan writes "I thought I would send you a picture taken at bus stop across the road from my local corner shop seen when I went down for cooking foil. A very lucky spot was of uNO Volvo Olympian 250 on route 603 (Welwyn Garden City-Hatfield Business Park). This is the first time I've seen any of the Olympians on any route other the the 601 (Welwyn Garden City-St Albans) which they were acquired for."

Picture by Andrew Morgan.

Andrew Morgan adds "this is to say that uNOs delivery of nine Citaros 314-322 due to be delivered late last month or early this month to relaunch route 602, planned for the 14th September, have not arrived yet. They are said to now be due in October and I have not been able to get any info on registration numbers other than they should be on 59 plates."

The Victoria Hotel

It is always nice to make a good report on a company's activities and today is no exception. One of my wife's friends had been up to Northumberland where she stayed in an excellent hotel, the Victoria Hotel in Bamburgh. To quote the hotel's web site
"the Victoria hotel looks over the village green in the heart of historic Bamburgh. The village is dominated by a magnificent castle (featured in many historical films) set amidst beaches which stretch for miles. Holy Island and the Farnes can be viewed from its ramparts.

The area is steeped in a rich history and fortunately much of the environment has been preserved.

Wildlife lovers are simply spoilt for choice Children will love seeing Alnwick Castle where scenes from Harry Potter were shot!"

Sounds just the place for a quiet weekend.

Tiger Line T2 is now gaining momentum and passengers loadings are growing. It is interesting to find a number of services between Watford and the towns and villages of Buckinghamshire.

Picture by Adam Green.


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