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Sunday 19th October 2003

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Due to pressure of work, including a trip to Dublin for the next two days, I need to post something this week tonight. It will however be something shorter than usual but the photos herein are all topical.

Fare increases are the order of the day with Oxford Bus having increased theirs from October 5th and Stagecoach expected to do so today, the 19th. however when I checked their web site a few hours ago there was nothing more than the press release of one week ago and the Tube fares appear to remain the same.

Well, now on to the reports for our area. Your contributions continue and I am pleased to receive them each week. However due to afore mentioned time constraints these will be held over until next week. My thanks to everyone who sent information.

Malcolm Crowe, October 19th 2003.

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News of the local companies 19th October 2003

Arriva's Olympian 5101 heads up High Street in Oxford seemingly with a revised advertising livery.

A quiet week for news with no special sightings to report.



The red Tridents are spreading their wings and one, 101, is seen here on 4 road duty last Friday.

Ronald Potter sent this picture of 104 working 35 road last week. It is seen leaving Abingdon, Oxford bound.

A number of you wrote in to say that you had seen Volvo B10BLE in the revised livery but almost devoid of any branding. I managed to get the photo below last Friday. It is not known when the full livery will be applied.

801 is seen loading on 5 road in Queen Street last Friday afternoon.

Whilst 14 branded Darts have appeared on Greater Leys services I don't seem to have any record of such a bus
on 5 road itself. Here 511 passes 611 (a coincidence of numbers) which is on the irregular 18 road working.

Another branded bus off route is X3/X13 branded 620 seen here at the end of the long 35A route
in front of Didcot Station with the Power Station in the background.


E153OMD works a service to Adams Park, Wycombe today Sunday.



Again maybe a first, 31331 works the X4 to Abingdon, bringing low floor to this route. Seen last Friday in High Street.

The more normal fodder for the X4, Volvo/Paladin 20006 heads down St Aldates.

A finally as a number of you mentioned last Friday Dart 32057 ran the X4 all day, unable to show a route number.
Photo by Ronald Potter.

As to the fate of the current Brookes Bus vehicles:

The new buses entered service as expected last Monday and were much in evidence last Friday when I was in Oxford.

Trident 18051 shows off the Brookes Bus branding leaving Queen Street last Friday afternoon.

Another example 18054 passes Queens Lane on its way to Harcourt Hill last Friday.

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