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Sunday 13th April 2003

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Having promised an update last week I am sorry to say this proved not possible, two days in Frankfurt followed by two in Amsterdam plus the preparations for various meetings in my 9-5 activities meant there was just no time. However back now with a bumper update including 42 pictures. I have also appreciated your continuing support in the number of e-mails received and I will be including your news in this report.

One item of significant news is the launch of the new Park & Ride 600 service in Oxford, this time run by Stagecoach who have not featured on the P&R scene since the ending of the Thames Transit "Gloria Glide - Park & Ride of the early '90s. This new service runs from Thornhill to the Nuffield and Churchill Hospitals in Headington using rather elderly Mercedes minibuses.

Stagecoach are replacing the old style stops throughout Oxfordshire with these prominent new stops.

The Thornhill bus shelter has this impressive timetable display which includes an impression
of the MB minibus used plus times.

The launch two weeks ago was recorded in the Oxford Times who noted that apart from the dignitaries and guests , only one fare paying passenger was seen on the launch service. It sees that the workers at the two hospitals prefer to use their cars. It is perhaps some of these people who contribute to the long traffic tailbacks, on the road leading east out of Oxford,  mentioned in this page a few weeks ago. I am also somewhat surprised that this service, which is a tendered service, does not feature low floor buses, a seemingly backward step in these days of accessible transport. A picture of the actual buses used will be found under the company report further down this page.

On the subject of Park & Ride I see the new waiting room facilities at Water Eaton are nearing completion and the do look very fine indeed. I am sure users will appreciate the efforts made to encourage use of Park & Ride services at this new location.

New waiting room facilities nearing completion at Water Eaton.

spring has been truly upon in during the last few weeks and Saturday saw a really nice day when I visited Henley. There was not much activity on the river but the town was very busy indeed. I am sure the passengers on the Wallace Arnold coach captured passing along the riverside appreciated the attractive view and the nearness of the river to the roadside.

Volvo T506EUB head towards the bridge at Henley. I am always surprised how newer coaches appear with other
operators and older vehicles are retained with WA. Further down the page a W reg is now with a second company.

The left turn across the Thames requires a wide sweep but long vehicles as can be seen
as T508EUB heads off towards Maidenhead.

Ex Wallace Arnold W635HUM crosses the Magdalen Bridge in Oxford. Has this joined a local area operator?

During my travels during the past 10 days I have also been to Kendal to attend a wedding and I also travelled via Manchester. Stagecoach in the city are still in the renumbering process, unlike Oxford who have now completed same. when I took the photo below, however, I was not in Manchester but at Terminal 4, Heathrow, returning from Amsterdam. The driver of the Menzies staff car park shuttle had a great sense of humour, saying " they'll get on anything regardless of what the blind says".

Scania demonstrator, YU02GGZ, helps out on the Menzies contract at Heathrow. seemingly it had
previously been with Stagecoach in Manchester, judging by the blind setting.

On the Stagecoach scene still and as a memory of my visit to Kendal, I was pleased to see that the old Ribble depot in that town is still going strong. I well remember driving X30 Manchester-Glasgow services in the early '60s and passing through this depot en route to or from Glasgow. The flow of direction is now opposite to Ribble days when we used to come through the garage and load in this area facing the camera.

The inevitable line of Mercedes minis frame this picture of 30276 in Lakes Rambler livery.
Even the Engineering support van is in Lakes livery !!

The saga of the lost 757 service to Stokenchurch rumbles on and many villages are claiming loss of service. Whilst one can but sympathise National Express have made clear that this is an express service and not intended to offer local service for village residents. It does however raise the subject of the location of this village and the surrounding potential for some kind of Park & Ride service linked to Motorway express services. Stagecoach with their Oxford Tube have long enjoyed interesting loading at the Lewknor stop where parking is hardly suitable. If our Government really want to encourage the use of public transport and reduce congestion in London they would be well advised to look at some kind of proper facility in the area and encourage operators to provide stops on services. Such a facility could be fed by services from surrounding areas in the way that Chinnor has a Chiltern Trains link with Princes Risboro' on service 321.

Arriva Mercedes Vario 2242 runs into Chinnor on the 320 from Princes Risboro'

A suitable site existed at Stokenchurch right on top of the Motorway junction but as a B5 development site this has now been devoured by yet another office building which will only bring more car commuters to the already heavily used M40. Whilst I am sure the residents of Stokenchurch would not all welcome a facility such as described it could bring a welcome reduction in cars on the M40 in the London direction.  Also the government would have to encourage operators to serve the site but this would surely be in line with aim of reducing private car use?

The west bound stop in Stokenchurch still showing Jet Link and even Wycombe Bus signs on Saturday 12th April 2003.
The timetable case had been revised to remove reference to the 757 service but the stop had not.
Indeed Wycombe Bus ceased services in December 2000, only just over 3 years ago.
These seems to question the commitment of Bucks County to clearly defined public transport services.
Whilst it may be operator responsibility where is the coordination with the authorities?.

Easter is almost upon us and this weekend sees the Brighton Coach Rally. I am told that one of the new Oxford Airline Scanias will be on the Scania stand at Brighton and I hope one of my readers may be able to supply a photo of this coach. Whilst the first one has arrived at Oxford it has yet to enter service.

I saw my first new livery National Express coaches on the M25 the other evening but have yet to catch one with my camera. Application of the new livery seems slow although there are quite a number of faceless white coaches around now awaiting vinyl application.

Trevor Wilson wrote with some interesting observation at the local football ground in High Wycombe. He says :-

"Wasps - Saturday 12th April.

On shuttle bus duties before the match:
2 Arriva Alexander bodied Olympians, one being the red painted one.
Motts E153OMD Olympian
Motts F reg Metrobus

So the usual Motts pair

After the Match, there seemed to be at least 7 DDs - two Motts (as before), at least one Arriva Northern Counties G (or is H) reg Olympian and the rest Alexander bodied Olympians.  Did not take more details as too busy securing a seat back to the station.  Crowd was 7600 approx.  At least 12 coaches for Pontypridd supporters.

E153OMD may be ex Arriva.- the rear engine panel had an Arriva Blue rectangle painted on it (or rather not painted over to white), and looked like the beading used around London bus adverts had been removed - the previous Arriva fleet number is visible - sorry but did not note the number. (or did the panel come off another bus?)"

Well, again apologies for the missing update for last week but do please keep the news coming in. Next week I am on leave for a few days so hopefully we will be back on track for the usual weekly update.

Malcolm Crowe, April 13th 2003.

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News of the local companies - 13th April 2003

Airlinks - National Express

Various reports have reached me regarding the revised operation of the 757 Oxford-Cambridge service.

Ed Maun writes "The Jetlink 757 becomes National Express 757 from April 6th with major timing changes. The stops at Stokenchurch, Hazlemere, Amersham and Chesham are all deleted. " 

Mike Farthing wrote "In response to Ralph Adams comments in your latest news page concerning the Airlinks National Express service. I can advise the coaches appear to stay overnight in the coach park next to Oxford Ice Rink (the temporary site for the coach station when Gloucester Green was being re-surfaced). I go into Oxford at 7:15 am most mornings and one of their coaches is always there."

Ralph Adams gives more information regarding the crewing of the revised service. He says" Airlinks 757 Oxford - Stansted. This operation is the responsibility of Heathrow garage. The first 2 journeys every day are preceded with empty workings to Oxford and again empty to Heathrow in the evening. Driver changes are by minibus from Heathrow  to Oxpens where the coaches have their lay over. I am surprised that the change over is not at High Wycombe as it would reduce mileage and driver hours.

I thought time a driver spent on an empty minibus counted as driving hours if you are on tacho (Editor response would be welcome). Cambridge has lost the duties but gained others instead.

This afternoon, I saw an Airlinks minibus going back to London, with no passengers, just the driver. So obviously it is the 757 driver, which must therefore be included in his / her driving hours."

Re the driving hours I am unable to comment without having access to the duty boards and shifts but I would be most surprised if National Express were to roster anything illegal - Editorial comments!

Arriva serving The Shires

Ed Maun writes "I assume you saw last Friday’s Bucks Free Press with a view of the entrance to the bus station in High Wycombe.   This appears to be a new photograph as I would suggest that the red bus on the right of the view is Z&S’s ex London Dennis Dart J159GAT presumably on service 321, although the blind displays are blank.   It usually has stickers in the windscreen.   Z&S have only used the bus station since 17th February.

I was in Aylesbury on Saturday (29th) and drove the full length of Red Route 9.    All the new infrastructure (New bus stop flags with integral timetable cases, raised pavements with shaped (Kassel?) kerbing to aid docking and yellow painted “bus stop” cages on the road) appears to have been completed and looks quite impressive.    All the standard Bucks CC bus stop flags have been removed including those from the Decaux shelters.   Also on Saturday Arriva were playing their part as all the buses I saw on the service were route branded Darts.

Earlier in the week I was driving from Thame towards Aylesbury and observed one of Aylesbury Arriva depot’s bouncy castles heading in the other direction.    It had no route information displayed at all!    From the time of day I assume it was Chinnor bound on service 261.   It is a pity these bouncy castles were transferred to Aylesbury as this depot’s route information is usually quite good.   The main problem with these vehicles is a lack of a 3 digit number blind so all the route numbers for Aylesbury depot need to be printed on the single track number blind – if they are to stray from the 323, 324, and 331 services; and they do regularly!"

Thanks for those comments Ed.

Steve Warwick advises various bus usage as he does each week.

Wed 2nd April

Ex Wycombe SLF Dart 3823 has been working the 500 Watford-Aylesbury.
X15 Scania 3203 has been on 54 Halton Camp all day.  Scania 3165, Volvo B10M 3080 on X15's.

Thurs 3rd April

Greenway 3305 worked the 1052 to 500 Watford.
SLF Dart 3823 worked the 08.05, 11.22 and 15.22. 500 service to Watford.

Scania 3165 was on X15
Milton Keynes all day.

Fri 4th April

Mercedes Vario 2248 has today been transfered to Arriva East Herts & Essex at Harlow and Dennis Dart 3101 coming from Harlow to Aylesbury."

Steve goes on to mention a number of other interesting issues. 

"On my recent visit to Wycombe yesterday I noticed at last they are repairing the dot matrix blinds on the Volvo B6's and 3110,3127, 3139 and 3116 were ALL working!

Although strictly not in our area Hemel Hempstead have taken delivery off two of their new buses for the new contracts they have won they are DAF/Wright KE03OUL and KE03OUK I think but not confirmed.

Newman Morgan wrote re operations in the Chinnor/Thame area saying "I would also mention that the Arriva 261 Aylesbury - Thame - Chinnor service sees double deckers on certain journeys on Lord Williams School, Thame schooldays, thus bringing double deckers in service to Chinnor.

Unusual workings are included in this week's readers reports.
Here Vario 2196 operates a Saturday working on the 339 at Lane End.

For me even more unusual was this Vario working on the 329 last weekend.
2171 passes through Marlow bound for reading.

Ex Buffalo Volvo 3080 working a 261 service in Chinnor.

On the same evening Greenway 3305 works a 231 service in Chinnor.

Graeme Wilson writes "I've spotted some unusual workings this week; the centre of attention has been the 353 route, which saw Dart 3345 (L415NHJ) on Tuesday, Merc minibus 2171 on Wednesday and bouncy castle Dart 3818 today (Thursday). I've not noticed this route as being a place to find unusual workings- the B6/ NC Paladins are most common.

One of the Oxford Volvos worked the 326s all day. A shortage of SLFs lead to step-entrance Darts 3365, 3818 and 3812 working the 303's, along with B6
3242. Meanwhile, in the workshops Olympian 5826 has been parked at the back of the yard for some while now- I've never seen it in service whenever I've
been to Wycombe recently.

SLF 3827 was on route 317, while Olympian 5832 was working 310 Downley runs all day. The 500/1 Football service today saw Arriva providing Olympians
5825, 5827 and 5830, plus a Scania single- deck, while Motts Travel provided an MCW Metrobus, F763EKM.

I made a slight error in my previous e-mail- L415NHJ is 3365 and not 3345 which is Leyland Lynx H255GEV.

Oh, and it seems that the days of seeing Greenways in Wycombe may have come to an end- there were NO Greenways on the 323/4 or 331 today.

You may be interested to know that I spotted former Cressex Olympian 5076 (B262LPH) working a school contract with its new owner, Simmonds of Hayes I believe, on Friday. Rather unusually I saw it between Amersham and Little Chalfont.

Lynx 3070 from High Wycombe depot works a 275 through Wheatley.

Spring is here and Volvo 3841 is seen running along the riverside at Henley last Saturday.

Aylesbury & The Vale is not yet gone. Olympian 5083 keeps the memory alive
as it works homeward bound to Aylesbury a week ago on the 280.

Ex Oxford Olympian 5830 heels into the corner as it turns up the bus only lane
in central Wycombe on its way to the bus station last Friday.

Finally nigel Peach writes "All seems quiet on the Wycombe front at the moment. I have however noticed that the Volvo B6s now seem to have working electronic destination displays. Not sure if all have been fixed, but certainly those that I have seen recently have them working - AT LAST!"

Carousel of High Wycombe

Here is a better picture of ex Reading 183 now with Carousel.
I wrongly stated that 186 had joined this company.

Charlton Services, Charlton-on-Otmoor

Simon Jeffery writes saying "My father is looking for pictures of vintage coaches in the livery of Charlton Services I have scanned your pages and have seen a number of pictures credited to MIke Penn."

If anyone can help Simon please let me know.

Charlton always maintains its coaches in an excellent condition.
Here Leyland Tiger GJI7073 passes St Clements on its way into Oxford.
This coach started life as B215NDG and came from Cheltenham & Gloucester in 1993!

City of Oxford Motor Services - The Oxford Bus Company.

The expected delivery and entry into service of the seven new Scanias seems to have been delayed and the first public sighting of one of the new coaches was at The Brighton Coach Rally held yesterday and today the 13th April. One has arrived at Oxford, nr 35 but has not yet ventured forth.

Interesting news is that the loan Trident 929 is being repainted into the latest Park & Ride livery and should re-enter service by next weekend. It looks very smart indeed. Also in the paint shop is 112 recently returned from rectification work at Alexander/Trans Bus.

Various interesting workings over the past 10 days include:

221 on 300 on 27/3, 3 Volvo B10Bs on 5 road on 9/4/03 being 650, 636 and 643. On the same day 812 and 827 appeared on 400 road and 809 on 300 road. The 9th, Tuesday saw 602, 632 and 635 on 5 road with 607 and 827 on 300s and 805 on 400s.

Allocations now mean that the A card on 13s is Trident operated and the B card on 16s Dart SLF operated.

On 7/4/03 813 appeared on 300s and 802 and 824 on 400s.

Citaro 823 and Olympian 222 have both suffered accident damage and may be off the road for some little time.

Whilst having a modified destination display, Trident 116 has yet to receive
the latest livery. It is seen rounding St Clements on route 400.
With the sun shining the display, whilst caught on film, is somewhat indistinct.

Sometimes a short working is required to get services back on time.
Here Volvo 601 runs short to Green Lane having turned short at the new
Park & Ride at Water Eaton, where it meets up with two new Citaros.

One of the Volvo B10BLEs 801 heads up the Cowley road, outbound from the city.

Last in the series of Wright bodied Volvo B10BLEs, 821 heads towards Blackbird Leys.

Shortages of Tridents have led to the appearance of red buses on the P&R services.
Here Volvo 806, more usually on 5, 15 or 16 roads runs into Thornhill a week ago.

The classic type of photo possible in Oxford as a Trident passes over the Magdalen Bridge City bound.

A nice find in Kendal is this ex COMS Metrorider 763 working a local Kendal service for Grand Prix Coaches.

Neil Gow writes "... progress is being made with then news COMS dept on the old Dyer site.  Demolition is complete and rubble has been cleared so building should start soon."

First, Berkshire

Bernard Lewendon writes "First in Berkshire.    97 had gone from Slough by 30th March. It was the last DW there. UC2012 is in service having been repainted from white to silver thus matching the remainder of the batch."

Jeffs of Helmdon

Ex COMS 209 heads out of the city towards Headington, crossing the Magdalen Bridge.


Ricahrd Sharman writes "New to Luxicars is ex Speedlink Merc/Autobus N600SAS."

Red Rose, Aylesbury

Brian Matthews writes and send the picture below "A new "Red Rose" Optare in attendance at Cobham 2003 Open Day today"

Stagecoach in Oxfordshire & Stagecoach in Oxford

David Whitley, Marketing Manager of the company has asked for the attached fleet list to be published in this week's page. you will need Adobe Acrobat to view this file. Click on the Stagecoach logo to view. (you will need to rotate one of the pages to view)

getacro.gif (712 bytes)

The new service between Thornhill and the Headington hospitals started two weeks ago. For more details see the Editorial above.

Renumbering of the incorrectly labelled Olympians haw been completed.

Keith Wood writes "On a couple of trips to Banbury last week I managed to confirm all the new fleetnumbers. The fleet is

Olympian 14936 (Rob this was at Banbury on both occasions last week)
B6LE's 31319/31320/31353/31361/31362/31365/31852/31853/31854
Darts 32704/32705/32706
Mercs 40162/40172/42586/42588/42624 (No sign of 40163)
Dodge 48063

Warwickshire news and Leamington B10M 20219 has lost it's Mega Rear Advert and is now plain new. Ex Oxford and previously Nuneaton Mercs 40127/40128 are in service in Leamington in New Livery and with new fleetnumbers (I think you reported this Rob last week ?). Rugby National Express coach 52302 is heavily burnt out inside and is now dumped inside Rugby garage. This will need an internal refit.

As reported above there was no sign of Merc 40163 at Banbury. Is this working from
Oxford / Witney ?  Also B10M 20202 still eludes me ! If anyone sees this bus currently supposed to be at Leamington can they us please.

Only two vehicles now remain at Nuneaton in reserve - Merc/Wrights 40106/40107 after the removal of the last two Sprints 308/310 (40108/40110) back to Oxford. Coach 52037 (12) 4012 VC the ex Virgin one is back at Nuneaton but now in overall white. Dart 32005 is now in new livery leaving just 32001 if this isn't already at Banbury.

40110, one of two such buses, the other is 40108, which work the new 600 service.

M A N 22923, the one with a new display, works a 7A service towards the City Centre last week.

As yet un-repainted Kidlington flyer 22929 passes the same spot on a later working.

A one year old M A N 22945 works a 1 service into the City from Blackbird Leys.

Sister bus 22947 works out of the City towards the Cowley Road.

Tube 50056 runs across the Magdalen Bridge towards the City on an inbound London working.

Newman Morgan writes "Just a short line to advise that for the past two weeks at least the majority of Bicester main road services (27/28/29) are in the hands of Olympians although some journeys are still worked by single deckers one of which, No.20004 disgraced itself last Saturday by breaking down at Gosford whilst heading to the city centre and requiring towing away.

This brings Olympians, both the shorter and longer versions, to my area of Bicester -
Langford Village - which is displayed incorrectly as 'Langford' on destination blinds, and to Glory Farm, Launton, Ambroseden and Arncott. I have noted that Oxford bound journeys display either Oxford City Centre or Oxford Express.

Just for the record, the village of Langford, Oxfordshire is way out on the
Gloucester border just off the A361 between Burford and Lechlade whilst Langford Village, Bicester is merely a housing scheme on the Aylesbury side of Bicester town."

Ralph Adams writes "I notice that you corrected my spelling on Churchill and nuffield hospital park & ride.  Much against my upbringing (and obviously yours as well), the Nuffield is spelt with a small "n" on the buses.

Two Darts have left Oxford this week. Alexander body 32613 has gone to Witney  and Plaxton 32056 has gone to Exeter"

Sorry about the spelling correction Ralph. Ed.

Neil Gow writes "Just saw the question about Swindon's 32085.  This bus was new to Thames Transit in Carousel livery for the City Circle 10/A service, and moved to London in exchange for a P reg single door Dart after Stagecoach took over.  Since Stagecoach in Oxford is only a trading name of Thames Transit Ltd., it most certainly operated in Oxford with the company that now calls itself Stagecoach in Oxford.


By way of illustration I enclose a picture of sister M94WBW on the city circle service in March 1998, one of the last in grey livery, and ex London 729 on the same service in November 1998 still in London red livery.

Stratford Blue

Ricahrd sharman has sent a fleet list for this interesting company.

Fleet List for Stratford Blue Travel LTD,Avenue Farm Depot,Stratford-upon-Avon,CV37 0HS


City Sightseeing/Guide Friday & Stratford Blue are owned by the Ensign Bus Company LTD,Purfleet,Essex.




Chassis type+number


Body Type & Number


Aquired From



Dennis Dart, total in fleet 2:






Carlyle C25.06


Phoenix Student T'vel



H588 MOC



Carlyle C25.111


White Rose DT88





Iveco Euro Midi, total in fleet 1:




392 MBF



Indcar Maxim 3532


Kings Ferry 2.2



Leyland Leopard, total in fleet 1:



   WCA 942W



P.Supreme IV-8012LCO82


Guide Friday,Strat'd



Leyland Tigers, total in fleet 3:



  WPH 139Y



East Lancs(89 rebody)-A9303


Arriva Midlands 1719



B167 XBU



Plaxton Paramount 3200 II


Hams Travel



  A707 HVT



Duple Dominant


Arriva Midlands 1707



MCW Metrobuses, total in fleet 16:



GYE 508W





Arriva Shires 5367



BYX 129V





London Pride 109



GOG 233W





London Pride 112








London Pride 107



GVV 205





London Pride 205



BYX 219V





London Pride 219



EWF 457V





London Pride 257



GYE 359W





London General M359



EWF 465V





London Pride 265



JWF 490W





London Pride 266



JHE 137W





London Pride 367



EWF 450V





London Pride 250



GYE 361W





London General M361



DTG 370V





London Pride 370








London Pride 106



BYX 130V





Metroline M130



Mercedes-Benz Citaro, total in stock 2:



X438 KON

As body


Mercedes 62800023097449


GF WCC Contract



X439 KON

As body


Mercedes 62800023097446


GF WCC Contract



Minitram, total in stock 1:




Minitram Systems




Minitram Trial Bus



Optare Metrorider, total in stock 5:



J610 SJB





Guide Friday,S'ford



J611 SJB





Guide Friday,S'ford



J612 SJB





Guide Friday,S'ford



H613 NJB





Guide Friday,S'ford



K853 RBB





Arriva North East 853



Volvo Citybus B10M, total in stock 1:



H648 GPF



East Lancs


Arriva Midlands 2038



Reregistered vehicles:



GVV 205

BYX 255V



392 MBF

S398 SKK



H588 MOC

WLT 881



B167 XBU

B518 HAM,103 UTW,B896XYD



Total Fleet Allocation:29 Total Amount of vehicles for use as Spares:3



Devised & Updated by Richard Sharman,EnsignBus Stratford(


Tappins of Didcot

Ralph Adams writes regarding matters involving this company. He says"Oxford City Council has this year passed the daily control of Carfax Tower on to City Sightseeing / Tappins. You can now book open top tours there with walking tours, etc. in addition to climbing the Tower. Hope they find keen employees as there are no toilet facilities on site.  PS Under the disability access requirement, how will wheelchair users be able to get to the top of the tower?

The visitors to Oxford were lucky to have fine weather for their trip on Atlantean 129
still working all day pending the arrival of the ex Dublin Olympians.

Thames Travel

Thames Travel's 103TB service connects with the mainline 103 service at Wheatley.
Here BD02HDV connects with an unidentified Solo on the old A40.

Z&S Aylesbury

Z&S from Aylesbury now share operation of the 321 with Carousel.
Here one their ex WM Mercedes, G715HOP, runs into High Wycombe
from Princes Risborough.


Ed Maun writes "You may be interested to know that Paul Lacey is about to publish the next volume in his Thames Valley history series; this one covering the years 1931 to 1945.   He can be contacted at 17 Sparrow Close, Woosehill, Wokingham, RG41 3HT."

If you have a digital camera and wish to submit photos for this page please send them to the me at


I welcome your photos for inclusion on this page. Please send them to me at

This is a most interesting site which I do recommend

For the national renumbering of The Stagecoach Fleet, I have been speaking to Bill Potter of British Bus Publishing. This company has produced a handbook with the full listing and details.

A special offer has been negotiated with Bill and he is prepared to let my readers have a copy of the new handbook for a reduced price of £15.25 (£1 less than the cover price) if you call him on 01952 255669 or visit the web site mentioning:

The Oxford Chiltern Bus Page.

The main site address is  I am sure many of you will want to take advantage of this offer.

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