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Monday 9th June 2003

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Several items of interest have emerged this week and they concern the area around Stokenchurch and High Wycombe.

First of all I have now received a report on the meeting at Lewknor concerning the proposed feeder services to the Tube at junction 6 of the M40.

A Tube on diversion, having used the A40 from Wheatley, now sets down passengers on the wrong
side of the road before rejoining the M40 at junction 6. I did not see what happened to the intending
passenger at the normal London stop. I wonder how this diversion would he handled under the proposals above?

I have taken the liberty of including a write up from Noam Bleicher of the NFBU and this may be accessed by click on the link below.


Another item of note is the wanton vandalism of bus shelters in High Wycombe noted on my travels today. I found it hard to believe the way someone or some persons had smashed up two or more shelters in the Lincoln Road area which will cost quite an amount of money to repair. The results may be seen in the picture below.

Mind you poor behaviour can even take place in central Oxford in the mid afternoon as witnessed last Friday by me. Some students were walking down The High past Queens Lane office of OBC. One of the young men in the group, attired in a dinner jacket, was so drunk he fell over knocking a waste bin into the road. His girl friend was having great difficulty in keeping him upright and the whole group of about 6 or 8 young people carried on leaving the mess in the road. Not a great example of behaviour for Oxford University and I might add these were not a group of trouble makers from a football match, oft loved by the press but a group of seemingly well to do graduates. I wonder what visitors to the fair city of Oxford thought. Or maybe it is excused by the authorities as high spirts!

I happened to look at The Travel Line web site last week in respect of services in and around Oxford. I checked on a number of journeys and was surprised with the results. An example of a journey was from Windmill Road (Headington shops) to Oxford Rail Station. The results were quite odd to me. The only services quoted for the mid afternoon I requested were the Charlton 108 and the National Express 757, neither of which go to the Rail Station. however the 2, 7, 22 and 400 were completely missing from the offer as was the 280.  I did receive a reply to my email to the information line which I do not think i should quote here. In essence it said I had selected the wrong location for the services mentioned above and that they were looking at the problem of the Rail Station.

I was disappointed that a quasi official web site should be so inaccurate and wonder what readers think of the site and are there any more strange offers?

Ralph Adams writes regarding an unusual bus hew spotted "Bicester Classics Wedding trip to New Inn Hall Street (Saturday)
Has the following been reported. A Dennis Charabanc 10 seater.  Reg Number BK2136. Front bench for driver and 1 passenger, plus 3 rows for 3 passengers each (one long bench each). It was built in 1930 according to the driver. It has many pre war parts and was assembled for the film "One of our dinosaurs is missing" produced in 1970.  The bus was used to take the Chinese party, and after the film was finished, the bus was to be withdrawn. Apparently nothing happened to it for some while but Bicester Classics now have it for weddings, carnivals etc. It has no tax disc (as these are modern items), no PCV disc (although the driver told me it is registered), or legal lettering (that I could see).

Not sure whether it is a 1970 rebuild therefore, or actually 1930, but well worth looking at (and photographing if you have a camera) The photographer was taking pictures of a female in a white dress. Don't know why when there was a far better thing to photo in the other direction.

This photo appeared in the news page of 18th February this year.

Well on to the operators news which I hope is interesting to readers. Sorry for the bits of "soap box" above but I feel there are some items which need airing.

Malcolm Crowe, June 9th 2003.

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News of the local companies 8th June 2003

As suggested by one of my readers I have reintroduced the operator logos where possible.

Abbey Coaches


Martyn Pearce writes "Tiger XIB2679 has been re-seated with 55 (it was a 50 seater) seats from a scrapped Paramount 3200, and is out of service at the moment waiting for recertification."

Ex National Express Rapide coach G970KTX displays the revised rear end with window applied.

Volvo B6 3115 picks up in High Wycombe on a 304 Micklefield service last Sunday.

"Bouncy Castle" 3817 works a Sunday 365 Penn service.

Dart 3815 receives attention from the Reading fitters on a 329 service last week when it failed on Caversham Bridge
Photo by James Cusworth who happened to be on hand to record the event.

James Cusworth writes An Arriva DW broke down on Caversham Bridge at just before 11am this morning. A couple of minutes before this picture was taken, an Arriva B10B came past, so that might have been the relief vehicle, or maybe even on the next journey??"


Martyn Pearce writes "Further to a note under the Carousel heading on this week's page Carousel's route 69 is a one-night-per-year only shuttle service operated on behalf of Bucks Chilterns University linking their Wycombe campus to the site of their May Ball at Newlands Park. It is unconnected with Magpie Travel's routes to Newlands!!"

Volvo/NC Paladin 649 unusually works a 5 road service last Friday, seen on High Street outbound.

More regular to the 5 road workings, Volvo B10BLE 803 passes through the bus gate on High Street last Friday.

Often known as "Town & Gown" when referring to Oxford maybe this shot should be "Bus & Gown"
Park & Ride Trident 111 passes All Souls College last Friday afternoon..

The M40 motorway is often the scene of accidents and the Oxford companies, enjoying radio links to
their vehicles, are able to divert services to avoid delay. Last Friday was no exception when an artic
overturned on the London bound carriageway between jcs 7 & 6. Here the 1900 X70 working to
Heathrow turns out of the A40 at Lewknor and heads towards the M40 to rejoin the motorway.
The coach in the picture is nr 29 - OA02OXF

One of my correspondents advises some interesting workings last Friday 6th June

2 road had Dart 515 on the C card and 5 road had 643 and 649 in place of the more normal Volvo B10BLEs. Both Dart 512 and 515 appeared on X3's which also had 657 and 658 on various cards and MBs 823 and 824 were on 400 road.

On that day 22 road was fully Olympian operated with 221, 223 and 224. At present 222 is off the road awaiting some rectification work.

First in Berkshire

Matt Cooper writes "for Route 74, I suspect First will be keeping up the High Wycombe - Heathrow services, its just Arriva that are (possibly) withdrawing (And Arriva only certainly withdrawing between Slough and Heathrow).

Harris, High Wycombe

Harris of High Wycombe recently took delivery of this Mercedes midi coach, YE03VSL.

Magpie, High Wycombe

Magpie continues to thrive with its operations from Binders Yard. A recent addition to the fleet
is the Volvo/Jonckheere on the left of this picture, L944NWW, purchased from Plastow's of Wheatley.

The 757 now serves only High Wycombe on its run from Oxford to Stansted.

Here a DAF Van Hool (D308) works a 757 service to Stansted last Sunday lunchtime.
It still awaits the new National Express livery application.


David Whitley, Marketing Manager of the company has asked for the latest attached fleet list (period 2 - 26th May 2003) to be published in this week's page. you will need Adobe Acrobat to view this file. Click on the Stagecoach logo to view. (you will need to rotate one of the pages to view)

getacro.gif (712 bytes)

Non route branded  M A N 22933 works a route 3 service past Queens Lane.

Another M A N , this time 22936 with full route 3 branding parks up at Horspath.

The Tube always has good loading and here 43 picks up at Queen's Lane in the shadow of Queen's College

Brian Matthews sent some more pictures which are of interest in that in Cheltenham one can see
non standard livery Stagecoach buses like this Dart, 33503 en route to Gloucester.

Ralph Adams writes "the staff minibus, 40653, has now been painted into the new livery.

Newcastle this morning (Wednesday) were MAN 22203/05/07/09. These were all new to Manchester, and exchanged with Busways for Tridents. I believe that Busways were experiencing vandalism problems on the upstairs out of sight of the driver. 

Sunday 8th

Route 1 dedicated MAN buses 22940 and 22941 have today (Sunday) lost their route colour codings. 2 of the new MAN buses from Busways (22203 and 22207) already have driver protection screens and will replace them as Route 1 dedicated buses. The last BBL MAN  (22279) from Scotland does not have a screen so is not normally used in the evenings.

22928 has now appeared in the new livery, leaving I believe just 22929 still to be repainted from the MAN fleet."


Cheltenham again where Swanbrook runs two ex Blackpool Optare Excels, this one N205LCK.
Picture by Brian Matthews.


I always like a coincidence. Here Worth's R8WMS visiting Cowley Road poses with new R1OXF and
cousin R8OXF from the Oxford fleet. P1OXF is also seen in this shot.

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A DAF with Plaxton bodywork from McLaughlins of Preston waits time in the centre of Wycombe last Sunday.
It is PJI3078 but what its origin are I do not know.

Binders Yard always produces some surprises. This time an ex Stagecoach East Kent Leyland Titan
7253 shares the picture with an unknown National and an Albion coach RSJ747.
The Titan was once London T545.

Former RF430 shares a yard with an AEC Mammoth tanker in the once familiar REGENT colours.

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