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Tuesday 3rd June 2003

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This last week has been a quiet one in most aspects. With Monday last as a bank holiday and the children off school, many people seem to have gone away for the break. This has meant less activity on the bus front.

The tour buses in Oxford were busy as the season gets under way and the weather was kind so that many people made the most of the open toppers.

The ex Dublin Olympians on the road now total three with one to come. This is MUI7851, the first to enter service.

One interesting question regarding last week’s report came from Ralph Adams who questioned why the new Amsterdam Schiphol airside buses, Cobus 2700s, were delivered by low loader and I made some enquiries which revealed some interesting points. First the buses have a 4 metre overhang at the rear and are 2.7 metres wide. Apart from being very low they only have a Mercedes Engine used in the 904 series which makes driving them on a public road a very slow business. Additionally they are built in Portugal and as such a low loader transfer is preferred.

Following information received regarding the 275 service, I can now provide the timetables for this service and three more for the Chinnor area. I have linked these to text doc files for ease of reference.

275     121   click on the numbers for timetables including the 757.

What is now clear is that the village of Stokenchurch is now very much worse off for services than in recent years. The loss of the 275/757 is the most serious as there is now only a very limited service to Oxford. However I must record the comments of one local operator, Carousel, who do provide peak services to the village. They offer a 10 journey ticket for £10, which means £1 each way between the village and anywhere in the Wycombe area. The service is supported by Bucks County Council. It appears that they have around 10 regular passengers and as soon as one more joins the daily band, one seems to leave saying “well, I won’t be here next week, I’ve passed my test” or similar. This means that the service would never be commercially viable. This story must be oft repeated in many other villages up and down the country. As a result, in these days of profitability demands from shareholders, who can blame companies for cutting out “the dead wood”.

Another interesting web site has been provided by one of my correspondents, Matt Wheeler who writes “According to the latest "N&P" at

most/all services in the Wycombe area are to be amended from 7th July. although, sadly, N&P gives no details of the amendments, just that timetable (and sometimes route) will be adjusted. Also, a couple of other Arriva services including 260/261/262 are down for amendment. And the "football" services are cancelled as of 27July.

Also, on the London Transport "LSP" bulletin is a note that Arriva areceasing to operate the Slough - Heathrow section of route 74. It does
not mention whether the journeys would terminate at Slough (from Wycombe) or if those are also dropped, and the only retained journeys
are those that only ran Wycombe - Slough anyway (ie evening services).”

Thanks to Matt for that information and thanks to everyone who continues to send me information for this page which adds to the value of the site.

Malcolm Crowe, June 3rd 2003.

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News of the local companies – 1st June 2003

Arriva serving The Shires

Matt Wheeler writes This morning Olympian 5100 (G650 UPP) was on 261, yesterday ex Wycombe dart 3823 was on route 9. Today one of the ex-Wycombe bouncy Castles was on route 5. Finally, on Saturday, Dart L460 NMJ (3101??) which had been in Wycombe was back in Aylesbury fully blinded and operating on route 4.

Finally, Aylesbury MPD 3486 seems to have a permanently broken front Destination. Rather than tape it over, it can often be seen showing a number of different numbers, ( eg 111, 7) and a small laminated A4 in the front window showing the number and destination.”

See the Editorial for further news on service changes in this area.

Olympian 5124 awaiting its next duty in Newlands Bus Station last Saturday.

Steve Warwick writes

Wed 28th May 

Unusual workings today 'Bouncy Castle' on the town 5 route.   Olympian 5101 on Begrove-Haydon Hill  2's in the afternoon.

Hemel Garage had Volvo Olympian 5152 on their 500 Watford-Aylesbury service.

Monday 2nd June

On my visit to HW late tonight, noticed two Olympians 5132 (H202GRO) & 5124 (G294UMJ) from Ware Garage.


Olympian 5132 now based at Wycombe

Dart 3178 in Wycombe Newlands still carrying its route branding from another depot

Last week we had a shot of 3843 and here it is again in the new workshop are at Newlands Bus Station.

Graeme Wilson writes “I have some news regarding Thursday 29th May.

08:40 61 departure was operated by Luton-based ECW-bodied Leyland Olympian 5170 (B605 UUM) which is a very rare occurance. To my knowledge there are only a small handful of ECW-bodied buses left at Luton depot.

At Aylesbury, B10M 3080 operated X15 Milton Keynes and Dart 3820 worked service 4/5. On route 66, the 09:10 departure was operated by Greenway 3057, but developed a fault and so the 11:10 onward was operated by Olympian 5071.

Interestingly, there are still four Bristol VRTs at Luton- 5038 (SNV 938W) has allegedly been working 343/344 St Albans services recently, though I am not certain of this

It looks like Greenway 3053 has reached the end of the line, it has been taken out of service and has apparently had its front panels removed.”

Carousel, High Wycombe

A further Lynx has been acquired and is G283EOG.

Ed Maun writesWent past the Carousel depot early Sunday evening (May 25th) and observed the following:-   the gates were padlocked with the yard just about full.   Last one in (reversed in) was one of the ex Wycombe Bus/Arriva Lynxes which was displaying blinds for the Sunday 401 service.    Olympian H556HKX was the only one still in Armchair livery.    A number of vehicles were displaying blinds for service 69 – High Wycombe and Newland College.   I am unaware of this service.    Does it replace Magpie Travel’s service 393?    I can’t find a timetable on the Bucks CC web site.    Can anyone out there provide details, please.”  (see Editorial above Ed.)

City of Oxford Motor Services - The Oxford Bus Company.

Some route developments are expected and these will be covered in our next addition. a new route is to be the 14 so watch out for more details.

Coach 33 reversing off stand 6 at Gloucester Green last Sunday. This picture shows how tight space is
at this bus and coach station. Certainly 15metre coaches will find it very difficult.

Sunday was both sunny and dull and here 401 is caught on route 6 in George Street

Sunday saw 601 on 2 road and here it pauses for time at Headington shops.

Brian Matthews took some excelllent shots a week or so ago. Here is 111 in a busy Magdalen St East.

120 was one of the first Tridents to be repainted. It may now be the last one to work in the old livery
Photo by Brian Matthews.

A very nice shot of tacho fitted Mercedes 825 on a 400 working coming off the Botley Road.

929 again but another nice shot from Brian Matthews.

One of my correspondents advises some interesting workings last Tuesday, the 27th.

2A road had 658 and then 519, 5 road saw 101, 519, 639 and 104 amongst the more usual B10BLEs.

400 road enjoyed 825, 827 and 104 recently repainted red and having blinds set for 5 road only.

15 road had 636 instead of the more usual B10BLE

Coaches 3, 6 and 7 continue in service whilst 36, 37 and 38 are away for post delivery modifications.

First in Berkshire

As mentioned elsewhere in this News Page, Citaros maybe a thing of the past but last Saturday
EC2015 was working a midday 74 duty through High Wycombe centre.

Some coaches still have the all white livery after repainting.

Here a Plaxton Volvo works a 310 service to Bradford last Sunday lunchtime  KU02YUF

Stagecoach in Oxfordshire & Stagecoach in Oxford

David Whitley, Marketing Manager of the company has asked for the latest attached fleet list (period 2 - 26th May 2003) to be published in this week's page. you will need Adobe Acrobat to view this file. Click on the Stagecoach logo to view. (you will need to rotate one of the pages to view)

getacro.gif (712 bytes)

Tube 50053 fulfils its special role in carrying a wheelchair passenger.
Loading is taking place in Gloucester Green.

Another Brian Matthews offering, 52483, at last renumbered on an X5 working approaching the Rail Station.

A final offering from Brian Matthews capture this Alexander PS leaving Oxford en route to Swindon.

Keith Wood writes "Dart/Dash 32003 has been transfered from Rugby to Nuneaton as planned. It has rejoined the rest of the batch 32001/2/4/5 which were all originally allocated to Nuneaton for service 48 Atherstone - Coventry. This is the first time the batch have all been back together since being replaced by low floor Primeline Darts 5 years ago this month !

Coach 52037 (4012 VC) is now in use as a Driver Trainer at Nuneaton.

Stratford Blue

Richard Sharman writes to advise that his web site has been updated at

Woottens of Chesham

Michael Wootten writes "A further three new Iveco Eurorider 35 \ Beulas Stergos are due next week. The new coaches are to be registered FG03JAU, FG03JBU and FG03JCU.~

The latest Euroriders have been built to an extremely high specification. Refinements include climate controlled air conditioning, inertia reel seat belts, reclining seats with integral headrests, arm rests, double glazed panoramic windows, ABS brakes with retarder, public address system, stereo radio / CD / cassette player, refrigerator, courier seat, large luggage capacity, video and monitor, hot drinks dispenser, WC and washroom.

All three coaches are fitted with ZF fully automatic transmission, which is Woottens standard choice for new vehicles.

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11th to 15th June 2003

Ray Jackson's painting of COMS 703 at Great Tew, Oxon.

An exhibition of paintings is to be held at

Witney & District Museum
Gloucester Court Mews
High Street, Witney
01993 775915

This is a most interesting site which I do recommend

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